Prime Minister Trudeau’s reaction to the death of Marrisa Shen

Justin Trudeau. Photo: Screenshot from video Maclean’s – CPAC

In an interview with Paul Wells of MacLean’s Magazine, Justin Trudeau articulates his thoughts on the killing of 13-year-old Marrisa Shen, whose body was found in July of 2017 in Burnaby’s Central Park in British Columbia. The perpetrator, Ibrahim Ali, 28, arrived in Canada as a refugee and has lived in Burnaby for 17 months.

Following is the portion of the  interview:

“Paul Wells: I’m going to pass along a few questions that came from things readers. One is asking what you have to say about the the arrest in British Columbia of Ibrahim Ali who is a Syrian refugee following the murder of a teenage girl named Marrisa Shen?

Justin Trudeau: Obviously it’s a devastating news for her family, for her friends. It’s a terrible tragedy any time one is murdered it’s a, it’s a terrible thing. I trust our justice system. I trust our system to to go through its processes to both, apply consequences to this and to make sure that we’re, we’re thinking about how we continue to keep people safe.

Paul Wells: A lot of people say that, some people say that if it hadn’t been for the surge in Syrian refugees after the 2015 election, guys like this guy would not be here.

Justin Trudeau: I’m not one of those people who say that.”


Credit: American Center for Democracy

3 thoughts on “Prime Minister Trudeau’s reaction to the death of Marrisa Shen”

  1. Justin Trudeau! This was on your watch, this was because you did NO VETTING AT ALL you sick pinhead!
    Justin Trudeau, this was murder and rape by one of your Faithful, you know, the nonviolent Muslims (an oxymoron for sure!) Moreover, Imam Justin Trudeau: this crime (under Canadian Law) is not considered a crime but the act of a hero under Muslim, Sharia Law! Justin Trudeau! We trusted you. This proves just how stupid we are. My question to you Justin Trudeau: how many more sweet young Canadian girls must be sacrificed before Canadians catch on and rid our land of your sick perversions? Before we Lapse Christians begin to support our churches, group together and push back?


    1. If you want to bring religion into this, why didn’t God intervene? You expect a man in charge of running our entire country to pesronally vette every refugee? My condolences to the family, friends and anyone else mourning the loss of this young woman, however I fail to see how this is the fault of anyone other than the murderer. Also what would Jesus do with all the people who Trump wanted to send back to almost certain death in war torn countries?


  2. He said he would be personally responsible for the crimes committed by his chosen, that he would make restitution how do you do that for the little girl or her family. This little girls blood is on trudeaus hands. May karma be slow and painful!

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