Major Canadian Restaurants Representative encourages Halal


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According to their website,  “Restaurants Canada members comprise 30,000 businesses in every segment of the industry, including restaurants, bars, caterers, institutions and their suppliers. We work on their behalf with all levels of government in support of a strong restaurant industry that contributes jobs, investment, and a wide range of culinary choices to communities across the country.”

In their recent blog,  they encourage Canadian restaurants to cater to the Halal demand in Canada. Their reasoning is simple. The Muslim population in Canada is significant.

“Labelling Muslims as a “minority group” is a mistake. According to Statistics Canada data, there are an estimated 1.4 million Muslims in Canada, mostly concentrated in a few urban centres.”

In other words, there is money to be made.

Halal certification has come under fire frequently for concerns of possible ties to funding terrorism.

Watch dog group Point de Bascule has written several articles concerning Halal certification, the alleged connection to the Muslim Brotherhood via the Muslim Association of Canada.  They also reveal an Islamic cleric’s view on Halal. — “The Grand Mufti of Bosnia Herzegovina, Dr Mustafa Ceric urged the Muslim Ummah to conquer the world through Halal movement as Halal means pure and hygiene and non-Muslim world has no hesitation to accept it.”

We see the concerning connection between MAC and their involvement with halal, their support of terrorist organizations and their overall Islamist views.

MAC (Muslim Association of Canada) publicly supported Hamas and transferred money to its fund collector in Canada for ten years

MAC controls the Association des viandes halal (AVH)

MAC promotes a subversive program hostile to individual freedoms

MAC publicly supported Hamas and transferred money to its fund collector in Canada for ten years

MAC and Lazhar Aissaoui’s Dar al-Iman Institute have received money from an organization that funded al-Qaida

MAC frequently invites Munir El-Kassem as speaker although he was a leader of a WICS’ substructure, an organization set up by Gaddafi to fund international terrorism and further the Islamization of non-Muslim countries

In 2011, MAC hosted two Islamist preachers condemned by the Quebec National Assembly for their homophobic and anti-women discourse

Two teachers at MAC-run Abraar School in Ottawa praise a pupil’s essay about killing Jews

MAC endorses Youssef Qaradawi (Muslim Brotherhood)

The information in the article  where the above quotes are taken from is extensive and far reaching. It was written in 2012. In 2015, MAC  published a statement rebutting many of these claims.

In 2015, the Toronto Sun wrote an exposé  on MAC and it’s ties to militant groups.

There has also been much concern about the recent exposure of inhumane halal slaughter done in Canada. The Globe and Mail produced an article in September 2018 that spoke to this, as well as a well researched  article by blogger Diane Weber Bederman about farm halal slaughter that took place in Alberta. What precipitated the above articles is the halal slaughter of a cow in Milton, Ontario, which shocked many Canadians.

Is Restaurants Canada aware of the concerns about halal certification and possible terrorism ties? Are they aware of the inhumane slaughter practices? Should they be encouraging restaurants in Canada to cater to the halal contingent? Valid questions.

13 thoughts on “Major Canadian Restaurants Representative encourages Halal”

  1. Not all religions can eat Halal. So effectively you are eliminating a huge group of Canadians from eating at halal restaurants


  2. To offer halal options is the intent or to have restaurants be halal.
    Can pork and halal be offered from the same kitchen/


  3. Mistreatment of animals is unnecessary. Halal was not a thing in the 1960s, why is it suddenly so important. To fund terrorism of course.


  4. Not all religions can eat Halal. Some people practice the Christian doctrine purely. All practices and beliefs are based from the Bible teachings taught by Christ (New Testament), and they cannot eat foods which are offered to other gods including Halal. It will be very helpful if there will be a list of restuarants that will offer meat dishes that are halal. In this way, thay can still have peace of mind they are not violating the Christian doctrine by avoiding these restaurants.


    1. It is inhumane the way the animals are killed anyone else would be charged with animal crulty. Restaurants should not be serving it and how is the meat inspected


    2. One Christmas I went to buy turkeys on sale at Independent Grocers in Ottawa and they were in a huge deep bin. Someone in produce threw in another brand of turkeys that were halal on December 23rd!! I was outraged. There was no mention of halal turkeys. I complained to the produce dept and since then I rarely have bought groceries there! This was about 5 years ago! Halal moneys goes to terrorists groups.


  5. Halal is a brutal way of killing a animal for food! I am so sick of political correctness bowing down to Islam Canada is a mostly Christian country but you would never of known it since our dictator Trudeau took office . We are loosing our country at a very quick pace Halal is just a part of the problem but most Canadians prefer to ignore it like good little sheeple.


  6. A few years ago it was Dec 23rd, I went to purchase some Christmas food items to make our famouis turkey dinner to Independent Grocers in Ottawa. They had a turkey sale they were all in a big deep bin. I pulled out a halal turkey in shock! Someone threw halal turkeys in the same bin as Canadian turkeys! I complained to the produce dept! Since then I stopped shopping there!! That money goes to support terrorists!


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