The Real Identity of Terrorism

by guest author Rami Dabbas, Jordanian academic and activist


Terrorism has many forms including left-wing terrorism  groups like Antifa, which is considered in many US States as a domestic terror group,  Black Lives Matter  and Antisemitic terrorism,  but  we also have a religious based terrorism which is what I am going to  talk about.

Radical Islamic terrorism has an Islamic religious identity and has roots in the Islamic Scripture.

Is there an explanation for jihad today ? It is a kind of terrorism blessed by Islam’s Scholars and scripture for murder in the name of religion.
The God being worshiped by Islam’s followers is the architect of terrorism since the radical followers of Islam represent Allah on earth.
All the radical Islamic organizations  are  based on Islamic religious heritage, its approach and style.
What is the Identity of al-Qaeda, Isis, the Taliban, Boko-Haram?
The answer is Jihad, and by extension, Islam . All these terrorist organizations are committing all their crimes, killing people , destroying lives, and raping women (Jihad) through the inspiration  of Mohammed.

Don’t make the mistake in thinking that terrorism has no religious base as many Muslim states claim, because there is terror being practiced by many Muslims in the name of religion and this type and form is the Islamic terrorism that we talk about.
The justification, the beautification,and the denial of these terrorist acts that they do not represent Islam is no longer viable, we are no longer fools . No longer should anyone, even those who used to, defend such ideas. In their own hearts, they know that there is Islamic religious terrorism  by Islamists that rejects anything that does not agree with their ideology . Claiming that they believe in God and chanting slogans that Allah is the greatest while fighting and killing in the name of religion.
Sunni Wahhabi Terrorism does not belong to Islam ? What are Saudi rulers  doing to their own citizens by executions, imprisonment and torture?  Is that not terrorism ?
What is being practiced on the Shia’a minority by Sunni Islamists is  religious Sunni terrorism.
What is also being practiced by the mullahs of Iran on the Sunni minority is also  Shia’a terrorism by suppression of freedoms and imprisonment, torture and displacement.
The bombings of mosques that affect innocent people and the bombing of markets in Iraq and Syria.  It’s terrorism based on religious convictions of Islamists whose actions are appling the teachings of the Qur’an and Mohammed’s biography.
We are talking about terrorism by groups like Isis , Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations against the religious minorities like  Christians, Yazidi,and Kurds. Is there still anyone who believes that this terrorism is based solely on Economic or political purposes? 
Islamic terrorism is directed towards Western countries since  those countries are considered as ”Kafir”  (unbelievers) by the Jihadi terrorists.
The controversy that  terrorism has no religion is not true because there is Islamic terrorism based on religion and those who practice it do not deny it. There are verses to prove and confirm Radical Islamic Terrorism.
Our question to all defenders and deniers of the existence of Islamic religious terrorism today and  accusers of every critic of Islam by blasphemy:  al-Qaeda, Isis, Boko-Haram, Taliban, are all these terrorist organizations  ideologically secular or Islamic?
I am tired of apologists that say that these organizations do not represent Islam.
Who exactly represents Islam  ? These terrorists are part of Islam.
When I write and criticize Islam and Muslims, everyone knows that I criticize the negatives and the radicals. I definitely don’t not mean that I criticize  all Muslims.
Islamic history since Mohammed until this day is full of wars , destruction and terrorism,  even the terror between Muslims themselves.  I don’t call for hate but I call for the Coexistence and peace around the globe. Radical Muslim terrorists, or as they also called ”the Jihadists”, are against  Coexistence and the global peace .

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