The Trump Effect in Canada

Guest column by:  Jordanian Academic and Activist Rami Dabbas


Following  the Trump administration’s lead, Canadian conservatives voted overwhelmingly in favour of the Conservative party’s pledge to move the Canadian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem should they win in the upcoming 2019 federal election. Canadian conservatives believe they should support their most loyal ally in the Middle East.
Like the American conservatives, Canadians believe that the time has come to abandon old stereotypical ideas, such as the fear that recognizing Jerusalem as the Jewish capital would stop the peace process. Rather, Canada should refuse to support terrorists which will also save Canadian taxpayers money.
On the issue of abortion, Canadian conservatives decided not to support the pro Abortion resolution, upholding the promise of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper that the conservatives would have no hidden agenda on this controversial issue. Some delegates who favored life choices considered it appropriate to remove the issue of abortion from the agenda, and then same-sex marriage, since, in their opinion, the party should be neutral in this matter.
Social conservatives, the most organized and numerous group in the party won on another issue – the country should not finance abortion in the framework of foreign aid to underdeveloped countries. In my humble opinion, it would be better  to stimulate birth rate in one’s own country, and to support a decline in birth rate in the countries supplying refugees.
The conservatives also pledged not to require employers who provide summer jobs for students to swear allegiance to the Charter of Rights. This requirement was introduced by liberals to include access to abortions in exchange for federal funding for student salaries.
“The Conservative Party considers it unethical and incorrect for state-funded applicants to be certified by adherence to the values of the government’s ideology for obtaining state funding,” the party’s resolution says.Conservatives have shown themselves to be true libertarians. The right to state aid should be subject to compliance with labor laws, rather than adherence to the ideology of the ruling party. Here, however, there is a trap. In Israel, for example, art is funded by the state, but the elite, as the state feeder, are engaged in the consistent destruction of the ideology of the Zionist state, but, nevertheless, loudly voice outraged by any government attempts to tear these self-proclaimed elite from taxpayers money.

Another resolution, supported by the majority of votes, expresses the restriction for euthanasia for young people and people who can no longer make a competent decision. Suicide with the help of a doctor or nurse becomes murder.It must be said that in Canada there is quite affordable,  and almost free  palliative care for citizens and non-citizens in the case of severe terminal (death) pain, and there is no need to push doctors to cross the thin line between rendering care, to murder

The Conservative Party did not support an attempt to ban pornography as representing a “risk to public health.”

Andrew Scheer openly announced his intention to lead the Conservative Party in the upcoming elections. The current liberal prime minister, Justin Trudeau, continues to lose  popularity. It was not enough to be the son of the deceased premier, to have a model-like appearance and a charming smile.

According to Andrew Scheer, Trudeau showed his true nature as a politician by raising taxes, breaking rules, increasing government debt. Dissatisfaction with a number of delegates was caused by the refusal to vote on the proposal to abandon state regulation of the agricultural sector. Some delegates felt that this position was directed against capitalism and the free market. It should be noted that it is the government regulation of pricing policy in the dairy industry and high tariffs on the import of dairy products is one of the points of serious economic contradictions between America and Canada.
Another resolution is due to the Trump effect, and it concerns the liberal policy regarding the influx of refugees, which already now costs the provincial governments hundreds of millions of dollars. The overwhelming majority of the delegates voted to “stop all illegal immigration into Canada.”  they called on the party to “resume negotiations with the United States on a third party agreement and close all loopholes on the US-Canadian border for illegal immigrants. In addition, the conservatives promise to end “citizenship by place of birth” in order to stop the flow of “refugees” hoping to get a Canadian passport with the help of newborns.
The party promised to make a fair share of the expenses of the NATO bloc, on which Trump insists, condemned the “imposed speech” (it’s also political correctness) and suggested simplifying the tax return procedure.
Conservatives promise to make changes in the economic sector, in particular, to support the construction and operation of an oil pipeline from Alberta to oil refineries on the east coast in order to reduce Canada’s dependence on imported oil. Conservatives promise to abolish the so-called “Carbon Tax ” and trade in carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, each province will have the right to determine its own position on climate without federal intervention. In a sense, you want to fight global warming, fight, but at your own expense, the state will not force anyone to do this.
It is appropriate to recall how the progressive camp rejoiced when the newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that “Canada is returning” and joins the fight against global warming, for his predecessor Stephen Harper preferred not to waste money in the literal sense of the word.
Thus, Andrew Scheer declared himself as a potential prime minister. In the opinion of prominent conservatives, the ground for their victory is good. This year, the Conservatives collected $ 12.1 million in donations, which is twice the income of liberals – $ 6.4 million, and the NDP managed to scrape together only $ 2.2 million.
There was a split in the ranks of the Conservatives, and Maxim Bernier, calling himself a “true conservative”, announced his withdrawal and intention to create a new party. However, many conservatives believe that the unity of the ranks should be higher than pure ideology, because otherwise they can lose.
Of course, the Prime Minister is in no way bound by the resolutions adopted by his party and the opposition, and he can offer a completely different policy, but he cannot ignore the position of the majority and the democratic processes in his party. In any case, a declaration of intent to relocate the Canadian embassy to Jerusalem says a lot about both the Conservative Party and its leader. The official color of the Conservative Party of Canada is blue, so we all wish exactly this blue wave.



One thought on “The Trump Effect in Canada”

  1. I’ll be voting for that blue wave thanks I belive we are being led by an incompetent rich kid who does not know that he is only speaking for 39% of the country that voted for him in the 2015 election which only adds up to
    14 430 000 Canadians, there are
    22 680 500 Canadians that did not vote for him but he seems to know what Canadians want in his own words in many, many speeches. I and many other Canadians do not appreciate being told what we like or a deuchbag spending our future away on ridiculous global good intentions when we can barely take care of our elderly, veterans and disadvantaged due to misappropriation of funds to countries who do not deserve our help let alone need it. I was always taught that charity starts at home, this is something a rich snot nosed kid would know nothing about.

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