IslaminSpanish Supported By Imams With Questionable Views

islam in spanish
Imam Abdurahman Vega, IslaminSpanish Source: youtube screenshot

IslaminSpanish is a multimedia organization intent on spreading Islam throughout the Spanish community, not only in Texas, but throughout the Spanish speaking world.

Their home base is Houston, Texas where they teach not only in class, but also through on-line courses, video and other media outlets.

Their masjid in Houston have been told they must vacate the current building they are leasing since the lease has expired.

Their website and facebook pages are slick and attractive.  They claim to have converted over 140 people in Texas in less than 3 years, most of these coming out of different religions. Their goal is to reach the 500 million Spanish speaking peoples world-wide.

They are currently on a campaign to raise money for a new masjid in Houston, Texas. This campaign is supported by many Imams and Islamic personalities throughout North America, several of who we have written articles on,  many of them with questionable credentials, including Canadian Imams.

Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi is a Pakistani American Imam who supports this new endeavor. He has been accused of saying that Christians need to be prevented from practicing Christianity, or that they are filthy, which he has rebutted.

Azar Azeez is another Imam who is supporting this. He is the current president of Islamic Relief USA, an organization whose sister organization, Islamic Relief Worldwide, has been found  to be financing terrorist organizations. He has also been president of ISNA. He was also a founding member and past president of CAIR, a Hamas supporting organization. You can find additional information here. 

A Canadian connection is Imam Abdullah Hakim Quick, an Imam based in Toronto, Ontario. He is also vice president of the Canadian Council of Imams. He also endorses this endeavor. He has been quoted  as asking for the “purifying” an Islamic shrine from the “filth of Christians and Jews.” He has also made homophobic slurs: “It [homosexuality] goes with Zionism. And really it seems like, Allah knows best if they are Dajjal’s (Antichrist) army while it is mostly Jews but probably there will be homosexuals with them too.” which he later recanted.  

This Spanish masjid is also supported by New York Imam Siraj Wahaj. This Imam was a  guest speaker in Toronto in October of this year, as well as 1993. He is a controversial Imam, known for his antisemitism, his possible connection to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and his promoting  armed jihad on the streets of America. “Converting to Islam, youth who feel excluded, and eventually arming them with Uzi submachine guns so that they can wage jihad in U.S. streets”

These are four of many prominent Imams that support IslaminSpanish. All four of these Imams have questionable views, views that have been recorded many times.

The connections of radicalism are clear.

The ambitions of IslaminSpanish are high. With supporters like the above mentioned, it is something US and Canadian intelligence and law enforcement needs to be aware of.

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