Pushing the M103 Agenda in Canadian Public School Reading Material


The Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People is an annual project of the National (Canadian) Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) and the Children’s Book Council. This bibliography features K-12 annotated titles published in the previous calendar year,  selected by a book review committee appointed by the NCSS.

An annual reading list of exceptional books for use in social studies classrooms, selected by social studies educators has been released for 2019. This list is extensive, much of it progressive in nature and includes books on alternative lifestyles, discrimination, notable people in history and more. You will find the list here.

What we found interesting is that several of these books focused on or touched Islamic themes and traditions;  Crescent Moons and Pointed Minarets: A Muslim Book of Shapes, by Hena KhanOne,  Marwan’s Journey, by Patricia de Arias, Saffron Ice Cream, by Rashin Kheiriyeh, Someone New, written and illustrated by Anne Sibley O’Brien, Mommy’s Khimar, by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow, Thread Of Love, by Kabir Sehgal and Surishtha Sehgal;, First Generation: 36 Trailblazing Immigrants and Refugees Who Make America Great, Escape From Aleppo, by N. H. Senzai , Amal Unbound, by Aisha Saeed, Betty Before X, by Ilyasah Shabazz , Americanized: Rebel Without a Green Card, by Sara Saedi , Buried Beneath the Baobab Tree, by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani .

One particular book that stood out was a book called  Ramadan, The Holy Month of Fasting by Ausma  Zehanat Khan​. 

The introduction to this book is as follows:
​”The month of Ramadan offers the opportunity to improve one’s personal and spiritual behavior. By focusing on positive thoughts and actions, Muslims build a closer connection with God and come away from the month feeling spiritually renewed. Ramadan: The Holy Month of Fasting explores the richness and diversity of the Islamic tradition by focusing on an event of great spiritual significance and beauty in the lives of Muslims. Rich with personal stories and stunning photographs, Ramadan demystifies the traditions and emphasizes the importance of diversity in a world where Islamophobia is on the rise.”

See the link here.

Not only is this book teaching about Islamic tradition in the classroom setting, it is being used to teach about and fight against Islamophobia by teaching the ‘positive’ aspects of Ramadan.

Ramadan  Arabic: رمضان‎   is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting(Sawm) to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad according to Islamic belief. This annual observance is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam. The month lasts 29–30 days based on the visual sightings of the crescent moon, according to numerous biographical accounts compiled in the hadiths.

Indoctrination of Canadian school children on the most important festival of the Islamic calendar, as well as warning about ‘Islamophobia’ is concerning indeed.

Note: There are no other religious books included in the recommended list, specific to a certain religion.  


Islamic Charity Promoted Radical Imam Tour

Muhammad Al-Luhaidan Source: Youtube Screenshot

Two weeks ago, we published a piece about an Islamic charity that had concerning connections to terrorist groups. Islamic Relief Canada, as well at it’s parent group Islamic relief Worldwide, had been contacted by Pegida Canada, a group fighting Islamism,  with questions concerning Islamic Relief Worldwide’s apparent cooperation with a Palestinian charity that had a direct affiliation with a terror group, Islamic jihad, based in Palestine.

Here is an excerpt of Islamic Relief Canada’s reply to the questions put to them:

“We abhor terrorism in all its forms, and we categorically reject any allegation of links to terrorism and any such accusations that have been made.”

We have since become aware of additional information of Islamic Relief Canada’s sponsorship of a Saudi Arabian Imam,  Muhammad Al-Luhaidan who toured Ontario and Quebec in 2017.

We will repeat, Islamic Relief Canada sponsored/promoted the tour of this Imam.

“Canadian Mosques hosted Saudi cleric who prayed for the killing of Jews and Christians” by American Center for Democracy January 27, 2019

“Here are excerpts from prayers recited in recent years by Muhammad Al-Luhaidan (originally in Arabic):

Prayer A

O Allah, destroy [take revenge of] the Jews, the Christians, the Crusaders, the hypocrites, the Shia [Shiite Muslims] and all their collaborators

Make conflicts among themselves

Create division and disunity in their ranks

Turn the misfortune upon them

O [Allah, You are] The Strong, O [Allah, You are] The Almighty

Prayer B

O Allah, destroy [take revenge of] their enemies [enemies of the Muslim believers and the mujahideen] such as the Jews, the Christians, the Communists and their collaborators, O the Lord of the worlds.

Prayer C

O Allah… I’m asking you at the blessed hour to give victory (help) to our brothers, the mujahideen [Muslims who practice jihad] everywhere

O Allah, give them victory with Your support

O Allah, give them victory with Your support

O Allah, tie their hearts together

O Allah, set firm their feet

O Allah, make accurate the aim of their weapons

O Allah, spare their blood

O Allah, spare their blood


O Allah, put Your heavy pressure on the Crusaders, the Jews, the unjust, the hypocrites, the Shia [Shiite Muslims] and all their collaborators

O Allah, create division and disunity in their ranks

Turn the misfortune upon them

O Allah, count their number’ slay them one by one, and spare not one of them

Prayer D

O Allah, destroy [take revenge of] the Jews, the Christians, the Crusaders, the hypocrites and the Shia [Shia Muslims] and all their collaborators, O the Lord of the worlds.

Make conflicts among themselves

Create division and disunity in their ranks

Turn the misfortune upon them

O [Allah, You are] The Strong, O [Allah, You are] The Almighty

Prayer E

O Allah, raise the flag of jihad

O Allah, raise the flag of jihad

O Allah, raise the flag of jihad


Grant us the martyrdom in Your path when we are facing [the enemy], not turning back [from the battlefield], with Your mercy, O the Most Merciful

O Allah, give victory (help) the mujahideen everywhere

O Allah, make this month a conquest for the mujahideen everywhere around the world, O Lord of the worlds.”



Palestinian Anti-Israel Indoctrination

cover 2
Photo credit: David Lim

Quds Day, officially called International Quds Day, is an annual event held on the last Friday of Ramadan that was initiated by the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979 to express support for the Palestinians and oppose Zionism and Israel.

Rallies and marches are held world wide for this event.

Toronto has held these marches for several years, however, it is just in the past year that there has been concern voiced for the content of these rallies and marches. June 2018 revealed songs being played in the park, calling for the killing of Israelis.

The march route in Toronto runs from Queens Park legislature, down University Ave towards the US consulate on University Ave. This main street is closed for this march, with heavy police presence. This march is usually counter protested against by the Jewish community who feel the inordinate threat against their community with this rally and march.

This march encompasses all age groups, including very young children. Unfortunately, the children are just as vitriolic as their parents in their disparagement of Jews and Israel.

The indoctrination starts from birth. They are taught that Israel are the oppressors and must be fought against.  Children in these marches have been seen to draw their fingers across their throats while chanting  ‘Death to Israel’.

Premier Doug Ford has vowed to put an end to these rallies. We hope he follows through with this promise. Canada, a supporter of the state of Israel, must not allow this type of anti Israel hatred to have a voice on it’s streets.

The Center for Near East  Policy Research has revealed the indoctrination of the hate and mistrust for Israel in a Palestinian Authority Teachers Guide in a report by Aaron Groiss. Below is a copy of the report. Palestinian school children are taught not only at home that they are the oppressed and must resist, in fact, martyrdom is exalted, but they are also taught this in their school systems.


  1. Indoctrination in a Nutshell for Grade-2 Students:

“Preparation: The Teacher will tell a short story about our homeland, Palestine: ‘My grandfather used to live in a beautiful village in [the area of] Haifa. He was working in agriculture, loving the land and guarding it. On a sad day alien faces came in order to expel my grandfather from his land, burn what he had sown and force him to emigrate to distant lands.”

(Our Beautiful Language, Grade 2, Part 2 (2018) p. 53)

  1. Indoctrination through the Experience of Personal Frustration:

Grade 3 students are instructed to prepare themselves for a trip and, then, they are told that they cannot go to the place they had chosen to visit in Palestine:

“-The teacher will discuss with the students the goals of visiting the place they have chosen for their trip.

-The teacher will distribute among the students a form of parental consent to a field trip as appearing in the activity [text].

-The teacher will ask the students that their parents fill in the trip’s consent forms.

-The teacher will ask the students to prepare for the trip the food and water they would need, as well as pens and paper sheets.

-The teacher will ask the students to follow the field trip’s regulations.

-The teacher will assign the students with [the task of] documenting what they would see by taking pictures and writing a report.

-The teacher will ask them to show the pictures in class.”

Note: The teacher will clarify to the students the reasons why they cannot visit the places they have chosen in Palestine.

(National and Social Upbringing, Grade 3, Part 2 (2016) p. 64)

  1. The Jewish Wailing Wall is Made a Principal Islamic Holy Place:

According to Muslim belief, Prophet Muhammad miraculously traveled from Mecca to Jerusalem riding a heavenly winged beast named Al-Buraq, which he tied to the Wailing Wall upon ascending to Heaven from Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. The Wall thus became holy to Muslims under the name Al-Buraq, but it has never been equal in sanctity to Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. The following piece presents it as such, probably as part of the PA’s effort to counter the Jews’ claim to that place. It should be noted that Muslims used to recognize in the past the Wall’s holiness to Jews under another Arabic name – “the Wall of the Mourning Place (Hait al-Mabka)”, since only Jews would mourn there – but this is not the name used in the following piece:

“The teacher will prepare a number of paper slips in which he will write the [names of the] most important sites and holy places located in Jerusalem (Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the Rock, Mosque of Umar, Al-Buraq Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the names of some of Jerusalem’s gates) and will ask the students to select a slip, which he will open and read what is in there. The teacher will speak about any site and place appearing in those paper slips, will show a video film about Jerusalem, its wall and gates and the holy places therein.”

(Islamic Education, Grade 3 (2018) p. 68)

  1. Anemone Flowers as a symbol of Palestinian martyrs – An Iranian cultural Influence?

Red tulips have been considered in Iran for decades a symbol of Iranian martyrs. The following piece similarly connects Palestinian martyrs with the local anemone flowers, a theme that has never been encountered so far in PA schoolbooks and other curricular material. Does this indicate a recent Iranian educational influence on the PA curriculum?

“…In Palestine, this red flower symbolizes martyrdom and sacrifice. Anyone who looks at any place in our country will see the anemone flowers who will whisper in his ear saying: ‘Here a martyr has fallen and watered my soil with his blood. How many the anemone flowers are in our country!’”

(Our Beautiful Language, Grade 4, Part 1 (2018) p. 15)

  1. Practices against Tear Gas:

“1. The tear gas that is discharged by the occupation army is smelled from afar. Explain that. [The answer:] Because the gas spreads through the air from the place where it is more concentrated to the place where it is less concentrated.

  1. Examples of [other] materials that spread [similarly].
  2. What is the impact of this gas on [one’s] health and the environment?

[Answer:] It causes asphyxiation and pectoral crises, catarrh and pain and cauterization in the eyes (the students will have to know the gas’s type)

  1. Safety measures that should be followed when exposed to gas:

-Avoid staying in the way of the air that carries the gas; stay away of the gas’s source.

-It is possible to use swimming goggles, or breath through the shirt.

-Use a peeled onion, or a gas mask.”


Egyptian-Canadian Writer: “Westerners are Naive about Islam”

screenshot 2019-01-23 15.28.43
Said Shoaib Source: Youtube Screenshot

Fear and distrust of Islamism is not without merit. Islamophobia, as touted by Islam apologists, is an ‘irrational’ fear of Islam. There is nothing irrational about fearing an ideology that wishes to dominate. Egyptian-Canadian writer Said Shoaib  warns of Islamism, and the lack of understanding that Westerners have of what is really being taught in Western/Canadian mosques.

Video transcript via Memri TV

“The imams here do something that deceives many people, especially in the West. They talk, for example, about the greatness of the Islamic caliphate. Does this constitute terrorism? It does. The [Westerners] do not realize that this is terrorism. When you embrace the notion of a colonialist Islam that raids nations, takes them over, and controls them – you are a terrorist. You are an unarmed terrorist, until the opportunity presents itself…

I sent my Arabic books that are against political Islam to a library here [in Canada]. I was happy to find here a book of mine, which had nothing to do with Islam. I wanted to donate my books to them because they had just opened up. So I gave them two books against political Islam, but that public library rejected them. They sent me formal mail…

Hamed Abdel-Samad: They probably cited “Islamophobia”…

Said Shoaib: They told me that my books are in violation of Canadian values.

Hamed Abdel-Samad: These values welcomes violent Islam but reject criticism of political Islam?

Said Shoaib: I take a stand against people who hate Canada and want to destroy it. These people have stated that this is their intention. They even said so in books that this library approved, can you believe that? A normal Muslim – whether he was born here or whether he immigrated – has no alternative form of Islam. You find this form of Islam in the mosques, in the sermons… This is the form of Islam that you see in the Islamic schools here. I did not send my daughters to Islamic schools here, out of fear. They conceal their curricula, force young girls to war the hijab, and so on… If a Muslim here does not become a terrorist, he must be a great man. We should thank him for being a good, peace-loving human being, because the natural course of events is for him to become a terrorist.

Hamed Abdel-Samad: A strange thing is that when these people lived in their countries of origin, they did not allow the Christians to build churches, they despised the Christians and the Baha’is, and they did not help people of other religions with their rights. But when they come to the West, they not only demand their right to worship, and their right to practice their religious rites freely, but they also demand that no one criticize their religion. Here in Canada, they audaciously criticize the Christians, the Jews, the West, and secularism… There is no such thing as “secular-phobia”… There is no “Christian-phobia”…

Said Shoaib: And no “Zoroastrian-phobia.” This was invented by the Islamists.

Hamed Abdel-Samad: The problem is that the Islamists are the people most contemptuous of other religions.

Said Shoaib: Yes, of course.

Hamed Abdel-Samad: But when they come here, they want a law to prevent criticism of their religion. Another strange things is that a naïve government like the Canadian one… I know I am a guest here, but I say what I think everywhere… The prime minister of this naïve government [Justin Trudeau] is very strange. According to his naïve and romantic fantasy, everybody should hold hands and hug and kiss one another. Yet he does not know what these people teach in their mosques.

Said Shoaib: I am baffled by the Canadian politicians who talk about Islam. They don’t know Islam. If you want to learn about Islam, you can ask us. Do not ask just people of one type. Another big mistake in Canada and the West is that representatives of the Muslim [community] are the Islamists.

A lot of blood will be shed here in the West, and the Muslims will pay the price. They will be number one… If the politicians in the West do not know how to stop this [terrorist] wave, the ordinary Westerners will choose the most extremist [leader]. There are indications for that. Trump has won in America. The Conservative party has won the government of Ontario. More extreme people are yet to come. If today’s politicians fail to provide security for the people in the West, they will take matters into their own hands. And who will be the victims? The normal Muslims who have nothing to do with this.

The main plan of the Islamists is to destroy Western civilization. They said so themselves!”

Mr Shoaib speaks in this video of Imams in Canada advocating for an Islamic Caliphate, and goes on to say that this is terrorism. When you embrace the notion of a colonialist Islam that raids nations, takes them over, and controls them – you are a terrorist.

Canadian Islamic scholar Mazin Abduadhim, based in London, Ontario is part of the political Islamist organization, Hizb ut-Tahrir. He is very clear in this organization’s pursuance of an Islamic Caliphate.

Hizb ut-tahrir (Arabic: حزب التحرير‎ Ḥizb at-TaḥrīrParty of Liberation) is an international, pan-Islamist political organization, which describes its ideology as Islam, and its aim as the re-establishment of the Islamic Khilafah (Caliphate) or Islamic state to resume the Islamic way of life.

Hizb ut-Tahrir has been banned in many countries, yet is able to hold conventions and operate freely in Canada.


An Asylum Seeker Needing Protection Against Islamists in Canada? Very Concerning

Rahaf Mohammed Source: Screenshot, Youtube

The fact the Canada gave asylum to Saudi Arabian teen Rahaf Mohammed is commendable. What is not so commendable is the fact that this girl is now in need of twenty-four hour protection because she fled from abuse.

Canada is home to Imams and their followers who plainly state that apostates must be killed. Imam Sheharyar Shaikh has stated:  “This is in Islamic Lawif you apostasies, if you turn your back from Islam, according to the [Islamic] Law it is death.”  

Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Kader Qandeel of  Quebec stated: “…that [apostates] be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides.”

Various mosques throughout Canada have called for the death of Jews, Christians and enemies of Islam. Imams have called for an Islamic Caliphate which encompasses Sharia and all it entails.

Ms Mohammed is threatened. By Islamists in Canada. She needs protection. Will the Canadian government provide that protection? In our view, it is an even bigger problem that she is even in need of this in a supposedly democratic country.

“No Answers from Hussen on whether Liberals will help pay cost of protecting Rahaf Mohammed” Global News January 22, 2019

“Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen is refusing to say whether the Liberals will help pay for the cost of protecting Saudi teen refugee Rahaf Mohammed.

In a press conference with reporters on Tuesday, Hussen was asked several times whether the government will pay for the private security firm hired by Toronto’s Costi Immigrant Services, which is handling Mohammed’s resettlement to life in Canada since her arrival on Jan. 12……..”


Motion 103, Islamophobia and the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada

by: Rami Dabbas
Iqra Khalid Source: Youtube screenshot

It is regrettable that using the term Islamophobia has become the new method adopted by members of the terrorist groups in Canada and the rest of the world in general , specifically the Muslim Brotherhood. It is used as an attempt to defend their presence in these countries, as one of the alternative safe havens to them following threats against them by the US administration.

In 2017, Canadian House of Commons approved a Motion  condemning «Islamophobia», submitted by a Liberal MP with alleged connections to  Muslim Brotherhood links,  Iqra Khalid, in the Canadian Parliament.  Ms Khalid – from Pakistani origin – a country which  criminalizes Islamophobia and any criticism of Islam, presented this motion which appears to give Islam a privilege above any other faith in Canada .

Iqra Khalid made her suggestions to the Canadian parliament, saying : ‘’Based on the views and opinions in the Parliament , the government must work seriously to stop the climate of hatred and fear by the Canadian people’’, she said and added: ‘’we have to condemn Islamophobia in the country,” and the fear of Islam in the West . This is one of many types of repression by liberals of freedom of speech in Canada, which shows how the Muslim Brotherhood and their followers in Canada have infiltrated the liberal government.

For my part, I wonder why the Motion  adds the term “religious discrimination” to the term “Racism”, whereas ‘discrimination’ alone would have been enough and would have included all forms of discrimination based on religion, color, race or sex.  Why did the Canadian government refuse a proposal of a similar version of this Motion put forward by the Progressive Conservatives that did not include the term “Islamophobia”? The Conservative’s proposal was meant to condemn “all forms of racism and religious intolerance, discrimination against Muslims, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus and other religious groups”

However, the Canadian government adopted the proposal of MP Khalid, which included the term “Islamophobia” as “irrational hatred toward Muslims which leads to discrimination”,  even though most hate crimes in Canada religiously motivated are against the Jews and not against the Islamic community.

It seems that the current plan of political Islamist movements in Canada, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, is to make the use of the term “Islamophobia” in political, media and cultural speeches normal and repetitive, in order to put pressure on the Canadian government of Justin Trudeau to achieve their interests. The Muslim Brotherhood find a safe haven on Canadian territory indeed.

Many media outlets, including the Toronto Sun newspaper, have warned of the spread of extremist Islamic ideology in Canada through members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and have advised the government to pay attention to the Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Canada who are financing terrorist groups in various countries around the world.

A large problem is that the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada are trying  to speak on behalf of all Muslims in Canada about Islamophobia, and they pressure the Canadian government to achieve their own goals.  However,  the fact is that many Muslims living in Canada do not give any permission to the Muslim Brotherhood to speak on their behalf about Islam.

It should be noted here that the Canadian government has already set the Islamic charity Irfan Canada movement on the list of organizations charged with funneling funds to terrorist organizations. Muslim Canadian Wael Haddara, the special adviser to the ousted Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi, member of the Muslim Brotherhood, has allegedly been connected with the Canadian Islamic charity.   Besides his involvement with MAC, Wael Haddara has also been associated with the following Islamist organizations in the past: Muslim World League, CAIR-CAN,  and the Muslim Students Association as well as IRFAN-Canada.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Canada is using the term Islamophobia to manipulate and achieve their own goals and interests. Canada is becoming more and more primed, with the help and influence of Islamists such as the Muslim Brotherhood, and the liberal government, of developing into an Islamic caliphate and a safe haven for terrorists .


Islamic Charity Co-operations Questioned

islamic relief
Photo: screenshot from IRC Facebook page accessed January 14, 2019

Over the last several days, we have been following reports from American Center for Democracy, articles that have been dealing with the connection/alleged collaboration between Islamic Relief Worldwide and a charity with definitive ties to Islamic Jihad, a terrorist organization based in Palestine.

The latest article by ACD was particularly interesting, as it stated in IRCs released official financial statements that Islamic Relief Canada  works independently and in partnership with Islamic Relief Worldwide (“IRW”) and other local and international partners to fund ongoing programs . Reports have also been published of  IRW allegedly funding terror, so the connection between IRC and IRW was concerning.

Our interest was thoroughly peaked today when we saw an article put out by anti Islamism group Pegida Canada, an offshoot of the German group PEGIDA, known for their large rallies against the large influx middle Eastern and North African migrants into Germany and the mismanagement of the government that facilitated this.

According to Pegida Canada’s report, they were equally concerned with the possible connection between IRC and IRW and possible connection with a terrorist group, albeit rather removed, as they had received a press release from The Center for Near East Policy Research that allegedly suggest that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), Islamic Relief Worldwide, Turkey’s IHH and Mercy Malaysia worked in coordination with the Charitable Association For Palestinian Relief – CAPR, affiliated with the Palestinian terrorist group the Islamic Jihad.

Pegida Canada were concerned enough to contact  Islamic Relief Canada and Islamic Relief Worldwide,  and ask them specific questions about the press release and the subsequent articles in question. Following is an excerpt from Pegida Canada’s article, showing a detailed descriptive of the email communication between Islamic Relief Canada and Pegida Canada:

“On January 10, 2019 at 9:52 am, Pegida Canada sent to Islamic Relief Canada and Islamic Relief Worldwide a media inquiry that included CNEPR’s press release and the following questions:

  • Do Islamic Relief Worldwide and Islamic Relief Canada work in cooperation with the Charitable Association For Palestinian Relief – CAPR?
  • Are Islamic Relief Worldwide and Islamic Relief Canada aware of the reports that suggest that the Charitable Association For Palestinian Relief is a front organization of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad that was designated as a unlawful/ terrorist group by Canada?
  • Does Islamic Relief Canada transfer any moneys to Islamic Relief Worldwide?

We also phoned the office in Burlington, Ontario, advising them of the incoming email, so they would be aware. The receptionist assured us that she would pass the email on to the appropriate parties. We requested that they respond to this email by 12 pm January 10, 2019. We asked them to let us know if they needed more time to respond. We let them know we would be writing an article on the CNEPR’s press release.

We did not receive a reply to that email.

The following day, January 11, 2019, we became aware of two articles published by ACD which covered this press release. This prompted us to once again ask for clarification about the original press release, asking the same questions we had in the previous email. We included the two articles in question. We reminded them of the previous email, asking them once again to let us know if they needed more time. We advised them once again that we would be writing an article on this matter. This email was sent out on January 11, 2019 at 3:55 pm, and we requested that they answer by January 12, 2019, 12:00 pm.

Once again, we received no reply. We also received no response from Islamic Relief Worldwide.

On Sunday, January 13, 2019, we became aware of another article, dealing with the same subject matter, and we became more concerned. We sent another email January 14, 2019 at 8:08 am, with additional questions relating to the new information, and reminding them of the previous emails, and asked them to respond by 12:00 pm January 14, 2019. Once again, we let them know an article would be published. Following are the additional questions:

  • CAPR has acknowledged that Islamic Jihad has funded some of its projects. IRW has working in cooperation with CAPR. Would you like to comment on that?
  • IRC’s executive director Mahmood Qasim encouraged the disparagement of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper in a facebook post of a video by Boonaa Mohammed. Do you have any comments on that?

Islamic Relief Canada responded (and CCd to Islamic Relief Worldwide) to Pegida Canada’s email  and provided a brief statement on January 14, 2019 at 11:22 am. Following is the statement given by Islamic Relief Canada:

“Islamic Relief Canada is one of the world’s leading development charities working to end poverty and suffering in over thirty countries around the world. We abhor terrorism in all its forms, and we categorically reject any allegation of links to terrorism and any such accusations that have been made. We are a registered charity in Canada and are governed by all rules and regulations under the Canada Revenue Agency.”

Islamic Relief Canada answered questions that were never asked. Pegida Canada did not ask Islamic Relief Canada in a general manner about its position regarding terrorism or “links to terrorism”, but rather focused on very specific issues.”

The subsequent eventual reply from Islamic Relief Canada was interesting, in that they did not reply to any of the specific questions, but simply gave a broad statement about their abhorrence for terrorism.

What we also found particularly interesting was that the cover photo for Islamic Relief Canada’s facebook page shows the Charity logo with the following words “2019 we’re coming clean”

To claim  transparency but ignoring specific questions put to them is curious.

We will continue to watch this closely.


The Iranian Support for Al-Qaeda Terrorism

by: Rami Dabbas


According to reports, Isis  still has as many as 30,000 members almost equally divided between Syria and Iraq. They are  supported by al-Qaeda Islamic Terrorists. Al Qaeda has gained in strength  in some places now and all thanks to the Iranian support.

According to the Associated Press, a report prepared by United Nations experts presented  to the Security Council stated that despite the defeat of Isis, a radical Islamic terrorist organization  in Iraq and most of Syria, it seems  likely that a “secret copy” of the extremist group will remain in both countries, with supporters in Afghanistan, Libya, Southeast Asia and West Africa.

Experts from the United Nations said the global Al Qaeda network is much stronger than ISIS in some locations now , including Somalia, Yemen, and South Asia. Experts said that Al-Qaeda  in Iran have become more capable.  They work  with Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri, and they have more authority and are more effective than before, particularly with regards to events in Syria.

Iran joins former ISIS members to  Al Qaeda

According to  reports, Iran increased support for Al-Qaeda reinforcements. Several documents and reports have revealed that Iran is working to bring together former Isis members to build al-Qaeda by using its strategic and historical ties with the organization’s leaders.

A report published in the Sunday times, said al-Qaeda today has rebuilt itself to the point where it can summon tens of thousands of elements with the help of Iran. Tehran is trying to join former members of Isis to al-Qaeda, coordinating with al-Qaeda military leaders who have traveled to Damascus to assemble all ranks of Isis fighters and establish a “new Al-Qaeda organization” similar to the culture of its Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah militias.

Since controlling the last strongholds of Isis organization in Syria and Iraq, Iran’s media machine has been promoting the defeat of the organization to Tehran, its allies and militias, and has abolished the role of the US-led international coalition in defeating the extremist organization. It also tried to falsify  facts by confiscating remnants after the defeat of the organization, where Iranian propaganda ignored the role of the Revolutionary Guard and its militias in the emergence of Radical Islamic Organizations as a result of suppressing the peaceful Syrian revolution and the release of extremist groups feeding them. Iran lost more than 3,500  according to semi-official statistics and tens of billions of dollars since their intervention to save Assad in 2012 in battles against the Syrian opposition.

AL-Qaeda leaders in Iran

Adrian Levy and Kathy Scott-Clarke, UK based writers, have confirmed that the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, Qasim Soleimani, has played the most prominent role in managing the relationship with al-Qaeda since he provided refuge for the family of Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda leaders after they fled Afghanistan in 2001. Qasim Soleimani built a residential complex at the heart of a Revolutionary Guard training camp in Tehran.

Iranian support and funding played an important role in reviving al Qaeda’s 400-strong organization when the 9/11 attacks were carried out and the Twin Towers were hit (according to FBI figures). The organization was confronted by the US invasion of Afghanistan, but it recovered with the advent of a nascent organization in 2013. According to reports, Qasem Soleimani used his relations with al-Qaeda in his maneuvers to play on all sides of the conflict to keep Iran at the forefront of possession of all papers of the extremist groups. According to the report, among the evidence, unpublished notes and interviews with senior members of al-Qaeda and the bin laden family show how Suleimani is mastering the relationship with the Sunni jihadist organization described by the official Iranian media as  terrorist martyr. He added that Al-Qaeda’s military leaders had been stationed in Tehran until 2015, when Soleimani sent five of them to Damascus, including Mohammed al-Masri, with the task of contacting fighters and leaders of Isis, to encourage them to split and unite al-Qaeda and fugitives, according to US intelligence reports. The reports confirmed that Masri was “the most experienced and capable operational planner among non-detainees in the United States or in any allied country.” The information adds that the coordination between al-Qaeda leaders and the fugitives is through the military commander of Isis, Saif al-Adel, a former Egyptian army colonel who entered into a major row with Ayman al-Zawahiri, who wanted to unify al-Qaeda and speak out in the fighting in Syria. Saif al-Adel ordered his fighters to wait until the end of the organization.

An ideological meeting

Experts believe that Iran’s relationship as an extremist Shiite religious regime with extremist Sunni organizations such as Al-Qaeda and even Tehran’s political and military ties with the Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements, as well as with the Muslim Brotherhood, are not seasonal, as some might imagine. The ideology of Khomeini’s regime is influenced by Sayyid Qutb, Pro-Tehran Shiite groups such as Hezbollah in Lebanon and the rest of the militias in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen have the concept of “jihad” from this school and are therefore ideological and historical well matched, as well as the confluence of political interests. Extreme lasting relationships.

Bin laden documents

The documents, “Abbottabad,” obtained by US forces from the hideout of the leader of al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, when he was killed in 2011 in Pakistan, and published by the CIA in November 2017, revealed details of part of Iran’s relationship with Al Qaeda.

Of the 470,000 documents obtained from Bin Laden’s cache, 19 were devoted to this large archive of al-Qaeda’s high profile ties with the Iranian government. One document showed that a senior al-Qaeda member confirmed in a letter that Iran was prepared to provide all that al-Qaeda needed, including funds and weapons, and training camps for Hezbollah in Lebanon in return for the terrorist group attacking US interests in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf ” , According to an investigation by Thomas Jocelyn and Bill Rajev of the foundation for defense of democracies, about 19 pages of al-Qaeda links to Iran from the Abbottabad documents. According to the documents, the Iranian intelligence services, in some cases, facilitated the issuance of visas for the elements of the al-Qaeda in charge of carrying out operations, and at the same time has housed other groups. “Iran’s intelligence services agreed to provide al-Qaeda operatives with visas and facilities and to harbor other members of al-Qaeda,” said another document, which was negotiated with Iran by Abu Hafs al-Mauritani, an influential al-Qaeda member, before the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Iran is fined

Last year, a US court in New York fined Iran for co-operating with al-Qaeda in 9/11 attacks for $ 10.7 billion and other fines of $ 21 billion for the families of American victims of bombings which was carried out by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard cells.






Upcoming Toronto Conference Speaker Refutes Christianity as the Basis for Modern Western Civilization

Dr Shabir Ally Source: Youtube screenshot

Let The Quran Speak, a weekly media production promoting Muslims and Islam, is hosting a fundraising dinner February 14 entitled “Let the Quran Speak Family Day Fundraising Dinner” to be held at the Grand Cinnamon Banquet and Convention Center, Toronto, Ontario.

The list of guest speakers:

Imam Siraj Wahaj
Dr. Shabir Ally
Uzma Jalaluddin
Safiyyah Ally
Mamoun S. Hassan
Dawud Warnsby

Circanda has previously reported on Imam Siraj Wahaj, an American from New York. This Imam has been under fire for comments concerning jihad and anti Jewish sentiments. Following is an undated prayer by Mr Wahaj:

“Everyone invited them to Allah’s deen [religion of Islam] in order to establish Islam. May Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He [GEBH] help us, guide us to the straight path. We Ask Allah, GEBH, to help us, to help the people, to guide the people, to guide the people towards Islam. We Ask Allah, GEBH, to help the Muslims everywhere on the earth. We Ask Allah, GEBH, to help the Sudan. Make the Sudan a great example of establishing Allah’s deen [religion of Islam]. And in Senegal, and in Trinidad and Tobago, and in Jamaica, and in South America, and all over the world. Allah, GEBH, never to forget Jerusalem, never to forget Palestine. May Allah help the Muslims in Palestine to establish the deen [religion of Islam], take over our land again, establish Islam back as it is supposed to be. We ask Allah, GEBH, to help our Muslim brothers and sisters in Yemen. Help them in every part of the globe.”

Dr Shabir Ally  is the president of the Islamic Information & Dawah Centre International in Toronto, Ontario. He is a prolific debater engaging in regular debates around the world with noted theologians.

In 2015, Dr Ally refuted statements made by Robert Spencer, an American author and activist who fights radical Islamism.

In the video, Dr Ally made the statement that Modern Western Civilization was not based on Christianity. Following is a quote from the video.

“Somehow he (Robert Spencer) has misunderstood history, because as far as we know, Christianity is not the basis of Modern Western Civilization.”  “As you know, our Canada is not a religious state.”

See entire video here: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2vrziy

To the best our knowledge, he has not corrected that statement.

As far as history goes, the founding fathers of Canada thought Judeo/Christian ethic was important enough to inscribe it on our Canadian Coat of Arms. A Mari usque ad Mare, latin for From Sea to Sea taken from Psalm 72:8.


The Canada Coat of Arms are used on federal government possessions like buildings, official seals, money, passports, proclamations and publications. They are also reproduced on the rank badges of some members of the Canadian Armed Forces. The Arms of Canada are also used by federal institutions, including the Supreme Court of Canada, the Federal Court of Canada and the Tax Court of Canada to symbolize their judicial independence from the Government of Canada.

Dr Ally’s viewpoint is echoed to a certain extent by the founder of the Islamic Party of Ontario. Jawad Anwar of IPO believes that Islam is Ontario’s and Canada’s native DEEN (religion).  Here is the IPO Principles and Policies.

Dr Ally has also been vocal in his views of homosexuality.

“But God’s law says that what we’re talking about here [homosexuality] is wrong, and if they do that wrong they have to face it.”

On the subject of homosexuality, we read this in the Quran and Hadith:

Quran (7:80-84) – “…For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds…. And we rained down on them a shower (of brimstone)”

Abu Dawud (4462)– The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Whoever you find doing the action of the people of Loot, execute the one who does it and the one to whom it is done.”  (This is a sahih hadith)

Dr. Ally is a regular contributor on the program “Let the Quran Speak”.



BREAKING: IPOLITICS Adjust their Story; A Win for a De-radicalized ‘Islamophobe’

Michael Coren Source: youtube screenshot


A few days ago, we did a story on Eric Brazau, a Toronto activist, following his journey from ‘Vitriolic Islamophobe’ to ‘De-radicalized’.

Included in this story we included a quote from Michael Coren, columnist and political commentator for the Canadian political blog, IPolitics.

We have discovered that IPolitics has adjusted their story, no doubt after having a second look at Mr Brazau’s recent videos.

In the original piece by Mr Coren,  he calls Mr Brazau a “notorious Islamophobe”.

In the newly edited piece, we see an editors note at the top: Editor’s note: This column has been updated to include Eric Brazau’s new self-identification as a reformed Islamophobe, as well as an initiative he launched, which he says will work to fight Islamophobia. 

Other changes include:

The phrase “purporting to be in support of this new party” was removed.

The original phrase “He speaks of murdering” was changed to ” He speaks about how under Sharia Law those convicted of endorsing the LGBTQ lifestyle face execution, either by fire, sword or being thrown off the tops of tall buildings”.

The original phrase “declares there is nothing to fear from Islam” was changed to ” At the end of the video, he [Brazau] notes that “when we listen we learn together, ensemble, we will defeat Islamophobia, the irrational fear of Islam.”

The original phrase “notorious Islamophobe” was changed to  “A self-described reformed Islamophobe who has long appeared at demonstrations and meetings, and who has even served time in jail for his activities. Brazau says he has been deradicalized and has recently launched a new initiative to fight Islamophobia”.

The lesson here? Be careful what you say. I am sure Mr Coren will be very careful from now on.