Curious Lack of Response from Anti Hate Media Regarding Exposé of Hate Speech From Islamic Organizations.

Bernie Farber, President of Source: youtube screenshot is an organization in Canada intent on exposing hate speech and action. They have been focusing on organizations that expose actual hate speech coming out of the Islamic community.

The president is Bernie Farber, activist, writer, former political hopeful and former executive officer for the Canadian Jewish Council.

Evan Balgord is executive director of He is another activist fighting against ‘hate’ who has also been very busy exposing groups and individuals of the ‘alt-right’ community.

This past week, there has been a shocking exposé on the newly formed Islamic Party of Ontario. In this exposé , we see the principles and policies of this party, their allegiance to Islam and Allah: “We understand and believe that Islam is the native DEEN  (religion) of Ontario and Canada.”

Over the past several weeks, we have also learned of current and former  operations of a mosque based in Scarborough, Ontario, Salaheddin Islamic Centre, a mosque that  hosts and has hosted guest  Imams,  Imams that call for the death of non Muslims and Jews. Imams that suggest that it is not good to be friends non Muslims “Allaah also forbids the Mu’mineen [Muslim believers] from taking the kuffaar [disbelieves/ infidels] as their confidantes…”

Below are more examples.


Even though this information was spread throughout the internet, with a main stream journalist getting involved, there has been silence from the Antihate organization.

Why is that? Is there money involved? Is it a matter of power and influence? Hate is hate, and it must be exposed. An organization that espouses the exposure of hate speech does not seem to be doing a very good job.

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