Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration Into Canada

Guest Column by Rami Dabbas, Jordanian Academic and Activist


“We build the Muslim individual, and then the Muslim community, then the Islamic state, and then the Islamic caliphate.” This sentence is  perhaps the most important one in the history of the Terror Group of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The idea of the expansion of the Muslim Brotherhood in various countries of the world cannot be ridiculed or underestimated with the problems that the terrorist group is making among the world’s major powers in an attempt to control the World.

In the past, the US Congress discussed threats of the Muslim Brotherhood worldwide. Sen. Ron DeSantis said during a meeting that the Brotherhood is a real danger to national security and American interests, assuring that ignoring this threat is not good.

Senator Stephen Lynch pointed out that many terrorist groups get  their policy from the Muslim Brotherhood, pointing out that there are groups belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, where they carry out terrorist attacks  in Egypt.
United States House Oversight Subcommittee on National Security held a meeting under the title “the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood worldwide.”

The Senate National Security Subcommittee said the purpose of the hearing was to “consider the Muslim Brotherhood’s threat to the United States and its interests and how to address them effectively.”

The 2018 summer disputes between Canada and Saudi Arabia were related to the Muslim Brotherhood influence.  Saudi Arabia is considered the most important supporter of the Egyptian regime and its leadership of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, while Canada has become as  refugee camp for  the terrorist group after the overthrowing of the Islamist President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt  in 2013.

The Muslim Brotherhood used this crisis for the expansion of its terrorist ideology as an extension of their global plans since its founding.

In the scenes of the crisis , no one has given any details about the relationship between the family of one of the detainees in Saudi Arabia, Samar Badawi, a Canadian citizen, and some Canadian institutions and associations, all of them  loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood, and these institutions infiltrate Canadian Government to effect  decision-making and to impose the Muslim Brotherhood Agenda .

The Muslim Brotherhood followers in Canada use the agenda of permanent incitement in Canada, whether against Anti Muslim Brotherhood activism inside Canada, or any country which has a stance against the Muslim Brotherhood Agenda .

In 2013, following the isolation of the Muslim Brotherhood from power in Egypt after  a popular uprising on June 30, many Brotherhood leaders fled Egypt to Canada, where they found a safe haven to avoid justice for their crimes and terrorism against the Egyptian people.

The leaders of the terrorist group in  Canada view it as an integral part of the great Brotherhood project in controlling Europe and decision-making in the western side of the world in general, and the Brotherhood sought early to penetrate the Canadian society under various names and activities by Islamification  and lastly and most important by Pushing M103 in Canada against Freedom of Speech and criminalizing ‘Islamophobia’ by  House of commons member Iqra Khalid from Pakistani Origin  .

In 2016, the Egyptian community in the USA tried with the help of members of the US House of Representatives to lobby for a decision to place the the Muslim Brotherhood on the terror list.

Many documents leaked from  the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, showed that the number of organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood  group inside Canada exceeds the ten institutions in addition to dozens of mosques, schools and small organizations that ruled over time to issue religious fatwas, and expanded its activity to include economic investment in small projects within Canada, as  they control many labor institutions for more influence in the parliamentary elections.

According to a document of 5,000 pages of the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood found in the house of Ismail al-Barassi, a member of the organization (Palestinian origin and American nationality) following his arrest in Virginia in 2004 on charges of joining Hamas, the international organization of the Brotherhood set up a plan for “empowerment” in USA.

The document, written in  May 22, 1991, entitled “Explanatory Note about  the General Strategic Objective of the Muslim Community in North America”, revealed the most important objectives and strategies of the Muslim Brotherhood. The document also showed how the group organizations deal with the development of  the “Jihad of Civilization”.

The document was a plan submitted by Muhammad Akram, one of the group’s most important leaders in the United States, to the Secretary of the Shura Council, as an explanation of a long-term plan adopted by the Muslim Brotherhood’s North American Shura Council in 1987, which was written in the same year.

The writer of the document (Mohammad Akram) is currently the Secretary General of the international Quds organization  in Lebanon which was classified as a terrorist institution, headed by the Grand Mufti  Yusuf Qaradawi,  as well as the director of international  Institute of AL-Quds Organization , known as a loyalist of the Brotherhood.

The document included names of 29 organizations collaborating with the Muslim Brotherhood, including the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Arab Muslim Youth Association (Maya), the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) and  “International Institute of Islamic Thought” IIIT “, the Occupied Land Fund (OLF) now known as Holy Land Foundation (HLF), and other groups acting in support of Brotherhood’s leanings, such as CAIR CAN, the Muslim Students Association (MSA), which was formed in the United States but operates in Canada as well, the Canadian-Egyptian Association for the Support of Democracy, which was established in December 2013, the Muslim Association of Canada MAC, and Irfan Charitable Organization. The Canadian police raided Irfan’s offices as part of a Hamas funding investigation, and it was listed as a terrorist organization in 2014.

 Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders and follower’s  original settlements, in response to the Brotherhood’s pressure in the Canadian government,  can be found in Montreal, and the area of ​​the Abu Bakr Siddiq Mosque, as well as the University of St. Mary of Canada.

A map of possible locations of the Muslim Brotherhood settlements in Canada  :

The plans  of the terrorist group expanded through the group that fled Egypt after the June 30, 2013 revolution, which toppled the isolated  President Mohamed Morsi, who is a  member of the terrorist organization. This group sought to penetrate further into Canada and use  its  influence to distort the Egyptian revolution in favor of the terrorist group and to Islamize  Canadian society and their  new homeland .

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    1. I agree fully. I’m prepared to fight and I beleive anyone in Canada that is against Canadian freedom and values should be terminated in a public forum for all canadians to see. I know if anyone is in my neighborhood against my freedoms, I will protect my family and everything I’ve worked hard for. It is all out war against terrorism.


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