De-radicalizing a Vitriolic ‘Islamophobe’

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Eric Brazau Screen shot facebook video

Eric Brazau. The name is familiar to many in the greater Toronto area. He has been in the news countless times for his  rants and actions against Islam.  He has been jailed twice as well, some would say justifiably, for his fight to be heard about his concerns about Islam.

Over the last half year or so, we have not seen much of Mr Brazau. Things have been quiet.

However, through the last several weeks, videos have emerged that show a calm Brazau. A Brazau that speaks about issues within the Islamic community. His nom de plume seems to be, and his material is found on the corresponding facebook page  He has launched this new initiative “Fight Islamophobia”, the irrational fear of Islam and appears to want to enrich the knowledge about Islam based on authentic Islamic sources in Canada, including Islamic teachings by senior Canadian Muslim scholars and Imams and Islamic literature which is available in Canada. He advises his followers to seek only reliable information about Islam. He considers this his ‘dawah mission’, spreading the word about Islam. Leftists accuse him of spreading hate. Interesting thought, that.

On, you can find videos that address pertinent issues , but from a supposedly Islamic perspective.  The issues are brought across in a non combative manner. He is dressed in Islamic dress, yet you can still see the tongue in cheek playfulness in his videos. In one video, you see several  wine bottles on the shelf behind him with a sign below saying ‘Water’.  Alcohol is haram in Islam.

Two videos in particular have really taken off, wherein he deals with the new Islamic Party of  Ontario. In the videos, he explains the platform of the party, with no threatening language, undertones or disparaging comments, just the facts. He has certainly opened a lot of eyes to the danger of this new party.  In a calm, non threatening way.

As a result of his efforts, left wing personalities have disparaged him, calling him a fraud. Michael Coren,  colomnist and political commentator is quoted as saying with regards to Brazau: There is something else, and something that is deeply disturbing. A video purporting to be in support of this new party suddenly featured on social media, and was viewed numerous times. It labels itself a “Message for LGBTQ from the Islamic Party of Ontario,” and is hosted by a man dressed in what appears to be cartoon Muslim dress. He speaks of murdering gay people by fire or by sword, or throwing them from the tops of tall buildings. He purposefully mispronounces English words, and declares there is nothing to fear from Islam. Truly awful stuff. But this man is actually someone called Eric Brazeau, a notorious Islamophobe who has long appeared at demonstrations and meetings, and who has even served time in jail for his dreadful and hateful activities. For this, he’s considered a martyr by some anti-Muslim zealots. They surely must have recognized him from the video, but said nothing about his true identity.

And some tweets from Mr Coren:

“I could be wrong but this looks like the anti-Islam activist Eric Brazeau. If so, is the a fake story and have various people been taken in?”

“But Tarek, the founder has only around 100 Twitter followers and most of them are bots or conservative activists. The video that purports to be in support of this “party” is actually a fraud made by the anti-Muslim extremist Eric Brazeau.”

And from CBC writer Shanifa Nasser on Twitter:

“The man behind a video in support of the so-called Islamic Party of Ontario making the rounds on social media is actually the known anti-Muslim agitator, Eric Brazau, reports.”

This in itself is fake news. Eric didn’t support the Islamic Party. He quoted its political platform and advised Canadians to seek knowledge about Islam from authentic Islamic sources in Canada.

And a rebutt to her tweet by journalist Tarek Fatah:

That’s not true . Eric Brazeau DID NOT support the . He merely read the group’s political platform in a parody. Seems now that Islamist agenda is exposed, radical Muslims worried of being exposed claim is just a creation of Eric Brazeau.

Tweets from right wing activist, who are confused about his change in approach:

“Eric Brazau, once jailed for being against an ideology has now become the active promoter of same religious political party of Ontario & has released a video mandating “EXECUTION OF APOSTATES”, how did this extreme transformation take place?”

And others who are going with the conspiracy theory:

“The man in the video appears to be Eric Brazeau; he has a long and documented history of disseminating materials with quotes from the Qur’an to promote hatred of Muslims. How can you be sure he didn’t create the party and social media pages as part of his anti-Muslim campaign?”

Anti Racist Blogspot got in on the action as well, calling Eric Brasau a ‘special concern’:

 “Islamophobe Eric Brazau has created a caricature of a Muslim extremists that he has been using spread his hatred; Ms. Forbes re-tweeted a video in which he makes incendiary comments without questioning the source”

Has Mr Brazau been de-radicalized? Has he been converted? It appears that way, but I will leave that for you to decide.  However, he most certainly has learned that aggressive behavior is not necessarily always the best way to get your point across. Something that many right and left wing activists could take a lesson from. Eric Brazau – Ex-Islamophobe, launching a unique “dawah mission” to fight Islam-ophobia, the ‘irrational’ fear of Islam. Interesting indeed.

Mr Brazau also has an upcoming book in the works.

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