BREAKING: IPOLITICS Adjust their Story; A Win for a De-radicalized ‘Islamophobe’

Michael Coren Source: youtube screenshot


A few days ago, we did a story on Eric Brazau, a Toronto activist, following his journey from ‘Vitriolic Islamophobe’ to ‘De-radicalized’.

Included in this story we included a quote from Michael Coren, columnist and political commentator for the Canadian political blog, IPolitics.

We have discovered that IPolitics has adjusted their story, no doubt after having a second look at Mr Brazau’s recent videos.

In the original piece by Mr Coren,  he calls Mr Brazau a “notorious Islamophobe”.

In the newly edited piece, we see an editors note at the top: Editor’s note: This column has been updated to include Eric Brazau’s new self-identification as a reformed Islamophobe, as well as an initiative he launched, which he says will work to fight Islamophobia. 

Other changes include:

The phrase “purporting to be in support of this new party” was removed.

The original phrase “He speaks of murdering” was changed to ” He speaks about how under Sharia Law those convicted of endorsing the LGBTQ lifestyle face execution, either by fire, sword or being thrown off the tops of tall buildings”.

The original phrase “declares there is nothing to fear from Islam” was changed to ” At the end of the video, he [Brazau] notes that “when we listen we learn together, ensemble, we will defeat Islamophobia, the irrational fear of Islam.”

The original phrase “notorious Islamophobe” was changed to  “A self-described reformed Islamophobe who has long appeared at demonstrations and meetings, and who has even served time in jail for his activities. Brazau says he has been deradicalized and has recently launched a new initiative to fight Islamophobia”.

The lesson here? Be careful what you say. I am sure Mr Coren will be very careful from now on.

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