Founder of IPO: ‘Nutters’ or Systematic?

Jawed Anwar at Ford rally, 2018. Source, screen shot, youtube

Jawed Anwar, founder of the Islamic party of Ontario has been on the periphery of the hoopla concerning the new party.

The party and its principles and policies  give a very clear indication of the thought process of the party founder. A thought process that is based on teachings from the Quran, Hadith and Sunnah. A thought process that is echoed in many mosques in Canada and throughout the world.

Mr Anwar’s bio shows an extensive interest in Islamist ideas and practices.

“Jawed Anwar has completed fellowship of New York Times Institute of Journalism in 2005, Certificate in Journalism from New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies, New York, USA in 1999, and M. A. in journalism from University of Karachi, Pakistan in 1990. He has graduated from Aligarh Muslim University in 1981.

He has written hundreds of articles, columns, reports and feature stories in English and Urdu published in Dawat (Delhi) & Several Newspapers from India, Jasarat (Karachi), Takbeer (Karachi), Jang (Karachi), Dawn (Karachi), The News (Karachi), Datalog (Karachi), Pakistan Post (New York), Pakistan News (New York), Muslim Observer (Detroit), Pakistan Link (California), Muslims Weekly (New York), Aafaq (Toronto), Pakeezah International (Toronto), and various others. His articles on Islamic Education System, Intellectual History and Madrasah System in South Asia got wide recognition.”

He has also received numerous awards for his writings and involments, including an award from  CAIR, a HAMAS supporting organization.  Hamas has been designated as a terrorist organization.

“–In 2003, Muslims Weekly New York won six awards presented by the Independent Press Association, New York (, an association of all ethnic and community newspapers. Muslims Weekly won Best Photograph, Best Re-Design, Second Best Editorial/Commentary, Second Best Article on Immigrant Issues, Second Best in Overall Layout/Design and Third Best in Layout/Design under the category of “newspapers of New York under the circulation of 25,000.”

Jawed Anwar won the second place award for Best Article on Immigrant Issues and the Best Photograph Award.

-In 2004, Jawed Anwar won the third place award Best Feature Article and the third place award for Best Editorial/Commentary, along with three other awards to different writers of Muslims Weekly by Independent Press Association, New York.

–In 2005, Jawed Anwar was awarded third place for Best Editorial Award in the Editorial Category. Muslims Weekly also won Best Article on Immigrant Issues, Racial, or Social Justices, the Honorable Mention on the article “The Muslim Participation in US Presidential Election (Record Muslim Voter Turnout)” by Jehangir Khattak.

–In 2005, Muslims Weekly, New York (Publisher & Chief Editor Jawed Anwar) won Media Justice Award by Council of American-Islamic Relations, New York (CAIR NY).”

Mr Anwar has also been involved as as school board member, chair and co-chair of  Thorncliffe Park Public School, the largest elementary school of North America, from 2009-2011. During that time, he has been involved in several protest rallies which were organized at Queens Park in 2011-12. As-Seerah education movement [initiated by Jawed Anwar] was started at the time.

He has also written a letter to former Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne regarding her sexual orientation. Following is a excerpt of that letter:

“Now, the crime of the person who commits sodomy in flagrant opposition to this scheme of things is not limited to that act alone. In fact he commits along with it a number of other crimes…

God decreed that they be wiped out altogether. When the collective life of a people becomes totally bereft of goodness and purity, it forfeits the right to exist on earth. Their example is like that of a basket of fruit. As long as some fruit remains firm, there is some justification to keep that basket. But the basket has to be thrown away when the fruit becomes rotten…”

During Ontario Provincial election in 2018, residents of Thorncliffe, Ontario were mobilized by the local Muslim leadership to vote against then Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne (and NDP) because of her policy on gender identity and sex-education curriculum.

Mr Anwar’s involvment in Doug Ford’s campaign is significant. In February of 2018, he spoke on behalf of the Muslim Voters Association DVW at a Doug Ford rally. Following are some quotes from that speech:

“I always wonder why people support Liberals…..The Liberal party is based on the philosophy of liberalism. Liberalism erases God in all matters and all aspects of life.”

“We say Liberals support Muslims minus Islam. And Muslims without Islam are not Muslims”

Video link here.

Mr Anwar is busy. His work is extensive, his influence is found throughout the world. The IPO is small, but the founder has spread his ideas far and wide.

A fellow Muslim, Mohammad Hashim has called him a ‘nutter’. Is he a nutter, or is he being systematic in his spread of his ideas?

Acknowledgement: We are very grateful to the people at American Center for Democracy for their in-depth investigation into this party and it’s founder.


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