An Asylum Seeker Needing Protection Against Islamists in Canada? Very Concerning

Rahaf Mohammed Source: Screenshot, Youtube

The fact the Canada gave asylum to Saudi Arabian teen Rahaf Mohammed is commendable. What is not so commendable is the fact that this girl is now in need of twenty-four hour protection because she fled from abuse.

Canada is home to Imams and their followers who plainly state that apostates must be killed. Imam Sheharyar Shaikh has stated:  “This is in Islamic Lawif you apostasies, if you turn your back from Islam, according to the [Islamic] Law it is death.”  

Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Kader Qandeel of  Quebec stated: “…that [apostates] be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides.”

Various mosques throughout Canada have called for the death of Jews, Christians and enemies of Islam. Imams have called for an Islamic Caliphate which encompasses Sharia and all it entails.

Ms Mohammed is threatened. By Islamists in Canada. She needs protection. Will the Canadian government provide that protection? In our view, it is an even bigger problem that she is even in need of this in a supposedly democratic country.

“No Answers from Hussen on whether Liberals will help pay cost of protecting Rahaf Mohammed” Global News January 22, 2019

“Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen is refusing to say whether the Liberals will help pay for the cost of protecting Saudi teen refugee Rahaf Mohammed.

In a press conference with reporters on Tuesday, Hussen was asked several times whether the government will pay for the private security firm hired by Toronto’s Costi Immigrant Services, which is handling Mohammed’s resettlement to life in Canada since her arrival on Jan. 12……..”


11 thoughts on “An Asylum Seeker Needing Protection Against Islamists in Canada? Very Concerning”

  1. We dont want that thing in Canada. She isnt worth it. She is a liar and a fake. A hypocrit and a drama queen looking for a free ride. Throw her to the muslims.


    1. What info makes you draw that conclusion? Even though I am an American Conservative, I do think that a girl fleeing abuse might need some assistance. Therefore I am curious about how you came to that conclusion when there was nothing in this article that put her in such a light.


    2. No it’s a good thing with this promotion talking about her and paying for security for her that will bring good for this country to prove how they are and make the people know what is going on with that culture so we could save Canada values because their culture do not coexist with any other culture that will force the government to protect Canadian people against that culture it’s a good thing if the government pays for her protection it’s going to be proof for us


  2. She is milking the system. The liberals are being blindsided. Why should we the tax payers have to put up with this for the rest of her life.


    1. Oh don’t be stupid. Now that she can do almsot anything she wants with her life, I’m sure she will, and she will be a grateful and productive Canadian citizen.


  3. I believe this is a propaganda piece promoted by government to plant a seed in the hearts and minds of Canadians to make us “hopefully” believe that Muslims can change and assimilate into our culture. Okay folks, time to wake up!


  4. I would like to get all warm and fuzzy about this but why is OUR Government deliberately selecting these “individuals” from Muslim-only nations. Why the Pakistani Christian lady who is on hiding over there because the radicals there want to behead her? I am not buyng this BS stint from Trudeau at all. Total setup. Hey she may be legit but come in the FRONT DOOR not the back!

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  5. She is a woman in need of protection. Is that not enough?
    I thought that Canada is a refuge for people under threat. Get used to receiving immigrants and refugees. We are creating more of them every day.


  6. You guys are so stupid you bring this teenager who was fighting with her parents, no one checked out her story. She was paraded around the media. Now she needs 24/7 security. If they want to kill her they will some way some how get to her. She’s living in a hotel fancy new haircut all new clothes. And where are our homeless sleeping under the Gardner express way. Shame on you Liberals you were played. And now we have to pay. And she has cash for life.

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