Ilhan Omar and the Muslim Brotherhood

by: Rami Dabbas


It’s very interesting  the amount of sympathy, support and interest shown by members of the Muslim Brotherhood movement in various countries of the world toward the American of Somali origin Congresswoman  Ilhan Omar.  This  calls to attention the possibility of a relationship between them. What drives them to sympathize with Ilhan Omar is a similar ideology, and members of the Muslim Brotherhood worldwide do indeed sympathize with her.

As soon as she won  a seat in the Congress with the support of the Democrat party which allied with the Muslim Brotherhood movement in USA and the Qatari regime which  sponsors international terrorism, the first act of resistance was a verbal attack on  President Trump and all countries and organizations which are  against  the Muslim Brotherhood. Slowly, Omar revealed her positions in support of radical and anti-Semitic ideologies, and gained clear support from the regional states supporting terrorism, until she became agent of these organizations within the US Congress.

The Muslim Brotherhood is dedicated to the defense of Ilhan Omar.  It’s been found that the Muslim brotherhood  in America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe all support Ilhan Omar and her  positions which include supporting countries that sponsor terrorism and her vocal opposition to President Trump.  Ilhan Omar is, in my opinion,  a threat to  US national security.  The appointment of any Islamist to  decision-making seats in USA and any country in the west, people like Ilhan omar,  is a threat to the national security in the West. Ihan Omar and others like her are loyal to the Koran and not to the state. They are practicing” Taqyia “to achieve their own goals. Rashida Tlaib is another pro Palestinian congresswoman  who supports the one-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  This would mean an the end of the Jewish state. Before Ilhan Omar was elected, she had begun to erase the history of the American Jewish experience. Ilhan Omar supports, in one way or another, the terrorist organizations of Hamas and Hezbollah, which indirectly supports Iran and Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, which is also a terrorist organization.



4 thoughts on “Ilhan Omar and the Muslim Brotherhood”

  1. This Omar is indeed a radical who needs to be watched closely. Along with her counterparts, they have an agenda to make or break President Trump.
    Compliments to your article!


  2. Also, the New York Police Department opened an investigation into the Arab American Association of New York for its links to terrorism and extremism, especially its links with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.


  3. Ilhan Omar is a radical and both the United States and Canada need new legislation which would be a smart national security move that anyone who wants to run for any political office in the United States must be a American citizen who was born in the United States. Canada, same thing anyone wanting to running for any political office must be a Canadian citizen who was born in Canada. This is just common sense. Radicals dream of getting elected to office in both countries so they can use our laws against us. I want to make it clear that I don’t hate anyone my thoughts are simply for the love of both the United States and Canada and the safety of the American and Canadian people. Yes, I believe in treating everyone from all walks of life with respect that goes without saying at the same time we must also use common sense about radicals in this world and having common sense laws to better protect. Ilhan Omar alone has said very hateful things against Israel making it clear how much she strongly dislikes Israel/Jews and has made not so pro American comments about 9/11. Time will tell what other radical views she has. Hopefully Americans will correct the mistake they made by voting Omar out of office the next election. This should also be a wake up call of both countries immigration policy of who is allowed in the country, to use more common sense. Sadly it’s the small number of bad apples that ruin things for everyone.


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