Kuwaiti Gangs Threaten Coptic Refugee With Death…..in Canada.

In May 2019, we published a story about Egyptian Coptic Christian Hani Morris who has been given asylum in Canada because of persecution at his workplace in Kuwait. More information has been revealed concerning this case.

In late April, Canadian police surrounded the home of Coptic refugee Hani Morris in Mississauga for several hours after he was threatened with death and the burning of his house. Police scoured the vicinity as well, searching for anyone who might be hiding. These threats came from Kuwaitis who claimed to have ties to the Kuwaiti embassy in Ottawa.



According to Mr Morris, “The Kuwaiti lawyer Thabet Hamdan Yusuf who works for the Kuwaiti car company from where I was fired is originally an Egyptian with possible Brotherhood ties. He tried to call me here in Canada. I refused to answer, he has insulted me for being Christian and insulted my family. He said he got mobile numbers of my wife and daughter from the Kuwaiti embassy in Ottawa, and he threatened me with death, even  by bombing us and also said the police will not protect us.”

Below are screen shots of these text messages.



Below is translation of one of the messages:

“Hello, answer you dog fag why you are afraid, you Christian, the underwear is beautiful on the balcony, she went to the church with new t-shirt and Yesterday she feared to go to doctor and you are going to meet the lawyer, and you have to know that in Saturday you were in bank to buy new phone and here is the number, all these information by Kuwaiti embassy and now take number of  ( Hani’s Daughter)”

Despite the knowledge of the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry about the threats to kill Hani Morris and his family in Canada, they gave him the ‘option’ by the end of July  to give up his case against Kuwait and if he refuses, they threatened him with death. Canadian police are aware of this. Has the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry colluded with the corrupt car company in Kuwait where Mr Morris worked?  The Ministry of Justice and Interior in Kuwait did not move to solve this case where rich and corrupt people from Kuwait could threaten to kill a whole Christian family in Canada.

In April of this year, Mr Morris contacted MP Omar Alghabra for help in this case. Yesterday, July 15, 2019,  Mr Alghabra sent a text message to Mr Morris’ lawyer, stating:

Screen shot of message from MP Alghabra


Mr Morris continues to wait for action on this case. The police have given him ‘tips’ on how to keep safe in the meantime.

This story has been reported in the Canadian Arabic Newspaper Al-Ahram .

Hani Morris’ story case in western media :

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