Egyptian Coptic Christian Asylum Seeker Continues to Receive Death Threats in Canada

In May and July of this year, we posted a story about Coptic Christian Hani Morris who has been continually harassed and threatened since seeking asylum in Canada. You can read the stories here and here.
He continues to receive threats on a regular basis. The screen shot below was sent early August prior to Eid,  the second and third shots were sent as late as yesterday. Below each screenshot is a rough translation of the text.
hani 4
In the above message: we will kill you and make your filthy Christian blood be on streets
you are lucky because we did not kill you until now
You have to drop your case against kuwait or we will kill you
You are lucky because we did not kill you last time when you was in hospital
we will use a bomb and kill you
And kill  those who are with you  we will bomb all the building where you live
He insisted that Hani Morris is a filthy Christian
That’s a brief summary of the first threat.
The second threat said :
You are son of a bitch a Christian
You are supported by musa’ab a filthy refugee in Canada who escaped Kuwait too
Fuck you and fuck all Canada
We are watching also your wife and daughter where they go to the church
Do you want to see your picture with your wife ?
Very soon in the beginning of the new year you will be dead
I will send you your photos from inside the church, home and balcony
And if we want to enter your home then we will do
This is a screen shot of the lawyer that works for Al Mulla Motors in Kuwait. He and 32 other lawyers who work for the company continue to harass Mr. Morris with insults and threats.
According to Mr Morris, individuals hired by the Kuwaiti embassy in Ottawa are being paid to watch him and his family. This is being financed by the Kuwaiti government.  “The owner of al Mulla Group, his relatives are very close to The royal court of Kuwait, leader of Parliament in Kuwait” said Mr Morris.
No main stream news source has covered this story.
The Canadian Government and RCMP are aware of this case.

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