Death Threats Continue For Canadian Asylum Seeker

The following is a continuation of a report received from an independent source:

New death threats have been made towards  Hani Morris, Egyptian Coptic Christian Canadian asylum seeker, by Egyptian lawyer Sami Thabet who works for al Mulla automotive company in Kuwait. Freelance writer Rami Dabbas has also received additional threats for exposing Mr Morris’ case. Read additional articles  here


Above screenshot: Lawyer Sami Thabet writes to Hani Morris; “we will write next time in English after we will kill you and make sure the world know who you are, you insult Islam and Mohammed.”


Above screenshot: Sami Thabet wrote that the Kuwaitis are watching the building where Hani lives and watching  his family including his two daughters, making  threats about both daughters. He also writes about Mr. Morris’ daily moves, showing that the Kuwaitis are watching him in Canada.


Above screenshot: Sami Thabet wrote that there is a bounty on Hani’s head f because he insults Islam.


Above screenshot: Mr Thabet congratulates all Muslims in Canada and around the world for Trudeau’s win and calls on Trudeau in a tweet to deport Hani Morris. He included the phone number of Mr Morris.


Above screenshot: In the previous photo, Mr Thabet posted photos of Hani apartment and the building where he lives and called to deport Hani Morris because he is an Infidel. He also he mentioned the exact location of Mr Morris’ home.



Above screenshot: Sami Thabet hacked Hani’s mobile phone and took Rami Dabbas’s phone number and send him a threat to stop writing about the  Hani Morris case, also asked to stop exposing the terrorist Kuwaitis.



Above screenshots:

He offered a bribe to Rami Dabbas near 200k$ in order to stop writing about Morris’ case and to stop exposing Al-mulla automative company’s terror in Canada. He also said if you will not stop we will hurt you badly and we will kill Hani in all situations. Additionally,  all writers who helped Hani in the past left him alone after Kuwait threatened them, now it’s your turn. He also stated that the Kuwaitis are looking now to hurt Hani’s little daughter. Finally, he wrote Allah Akbar and victory for Islam and Muslims and death to Christians and the Jews.
The police visited Mr Morris’ house after these latest threats. They also contacted Mr Dabbas about the threats made to him
The request is  “the Amir of Kuwait has to stop both Hamad Al-Marzouq, Ex Administrative Board of al-ahli bank and Anwar Al-Mulla, the President of Al-Mulla Automative from funding Sami Thabet and other Kuwaitis who are sending threats to Hani Morris and his family and spying on them.
If something happens to Hani Morris or his family, then Hamad Al-Marzouq & Anwar al-Mulla will be responsible.
The ministry of foreign affairs in Kuwait and the Amir of Kuwait  both have to do something to stop these criminals.”
On January 29th,  Hani has a court sitting with the Kuwaitis in the International criminal court. Kuwait paid Egyptian authorities weeks ago to arrest Hani’s brother in Egypt, he has since been released.
This missive is communicated via a third party.





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