Unabashed Socialist, BDS supporter Running for NDP Leadership

Screenshot 2021-04-06 14.40.56
Screenshot of Ms McLean’s public twitter profile

While the social-democratic New Democratic Party of Canada will most likely never hold power, at least at the federal level, they do have the fourth largest parliamentary caucus, and a self-proclaimed “anti-capitalist” hypothetically becoming their figurehead President, would most certainly give a moral boost to those who seethe with hate towards the idea of  a Canada which respects private property and enterprise, as well as honours it’s  Judeo-Christian  civilizational roots.

Jessa McLean, a self-proclaimed opponent of capitalism is running for NDP President. At the moment, the centre-left NDP at least officially, supports capitalism. Ms. McLean  is an active member of the “NDP Socialist Caucus”. The NDP Socialist Caucus was founded in 1998 at Toronto, Ontario by NDP activists who were concerned about the right-wing drift of the party leadership. SC wants to move the party back to its working class and socialist roots.

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NDP Socialist Caucus is also a defender of the Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions movement against Israel. In 2018, a letter was sent to Jagmeet Singh, current leader of the NDP, urging him to endorse the international BDS campaign and lead a public campaign to support this movement in Canada.

Ms. McLean has not only made a series of anti-White statements on social media, but  has publicly called for the Canadian border to be “abolished”,  and our country to have absolutely no limits at all on immigration.

Although Ms McLean has never successfully been elected to office anywhere in Canada, we do not believe that her aforementioned candidacy should be underestimated, given the number of anti-White, anti-Canadian and anti-Western BLM/ANTIFA as well as Islamists, who infest the grassroots membership base of the federal NDP.

In 2019, Ms. McLean sat for an interview with “Fightback, the Marxist voice of Labour and Youth” magazine.

“FB: So a new, socialist direction is what I’m hearing?

JM: Yes! Yes! Absolutely, with all that language. We should educate working people on the language of socialism too. I know there’s a lot of groups like you [Fightback] doing it, but the NDP has massive resources for this kind of work. We can do it on a massive national scale.”

Winston Churchill spoke on the dangers of Socialism in 1945. These dangers are just as relevant today.

“But I will go farther. I declare to you, from the bottom of my heart that no Socialist system can be established without a political police. Many of those who are advocating Socialism or voting Socialist today will be horrified at this idea. That is because they are shortsighted, that is because they do not see where their theories are leading them.”

The forthcoming federal NDP convention will be held from April 9 to 11.  We would do well to keep a close eye on this candidate and the party in general.

Capitalism has provided more wealth, security and freedom than any other economic system in the history of the world. As a system it is in direct opposition to socialism. Capitalism means economic freedom and it cannot be separated from democratic freedom. Capitalism is the freedom to create and build; socialism is slavery that destroys and subjugates. Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing and know:

Socialism is a bright shining lie.”



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