Muslim Rights Organization Should Exercise Caution In Their Postings

The National Council of Canadian Muslims (henceforth to be referred to as NCCM), according to it’s website, is a “prominent civil liberties and advocacy organization with over 15 years of professional activism and public service”.

They were formerly know as CAIR.CAN, claiming total independence from their USA namesake CAIR, an organization known for it’s Hamas sympathies and Muslim Brotherhood ties.

NCCM and CAIR USA continue to support one another in their pursuit of justice within the Islamic community.

NCCM’s focus over the past two months have been the upcoming  Summit on Islamophobia, a summit spearheaded by NCCM after the attack on a Muslim family in London, Ontario. This crime is still before the courts, and motive is still to be solidly determined. The National Summit will bring together leaders from all levels of government and members of Canadian Muslim communities.

NCCM has put together a set of 61 recommendations for the government to consider concerning their perception of incidents of Islamophobia in Canada, collected from a variety of sources throughout the country.

Following are some of their recommendations:

  • The Security Infrastructure Program (SIP) Reform: The SIP should become rebate based, where mosques and community organizations under threat can make the relevant security upgrades needed, and then retroactively receive a rebate for the upfitting under a two-step process;
  • SIP should allow for institutions to receive up to 90% of eligible expenditures, up to a maximum of $80 000, for securitization projects;
  • SIP should also be broadened to allow for mosques to host broader community building safety initiatives
  • Immediately fund the creation of an appropriately funded Office of the Special Envoy on Islamophobia.
  • Media Representation: Incentivize production of Muslim stories, told by Canadian Muslims, through designated funding in the Canada Media Fund, Telefilm, the National Film Board, and provincial and municipal grants for arts and media;
  • Allocate a multi-million-dollar fund through the Anti-Racism Secretariat or the Ministry of Heritage for Canadian Muslim artists and community organizations to facilitate grassroots storytelling, visual and oral history projects, and building community archives;
  • Bill 21: Attorney General intervention in all future cases challenging Bill 21 before the courts;  Create a fund to help those affected by Bill 21 have a degree of financial security until the legislation is struck down. This is not a transition-plan fund; for no Quebecer should have to change their chosen vocation because of discrimination. This federal fund is to provide assistance while the court challenge is pending.
  • Invest in celebrating the history of local Canadian Muslims and initiatives through a concrete program that brings these figures and names to the forefront of local-level recognition. Municipalities should fund events and spaces where their accomplishments are celebrated in a way that clearly shows that Muslims have made real contributions to Canadian society and are far from the violent caricatures that constantly make the news.

NCCM’s online presence (Facebook and Twitter) records and reports on incidents of attacks or perceived attacks on the Islamic community.  NCCM works in tandem with the Canadian Anti-Hate network, a group that also loosely advocates for the Muslim community.

NCCM are proponents of the pro Palestine contingent according to some of their postings. They are also supported by the Antifa contingent according to some of their respondents.

Although NCCM  professes to fight against hate, some of their postings belie this. On June 28, NCCM posted on Twitter:  “We are aware of an incident in Edmonton that took place yesterday evening. A man, described as a Caucasian male, allegedly discharged a firearm from inside a motor vehicle at a woman wearing hijab. Alhamdullilah, there were no physical injuries.” Though they did not make an official statement regarding this incident, the post continues to be displayed on twitter as of July 19, 2021, 11:30 am ET.


This posting was followed by many replies, received over 1000 likes and 780 retweets. Following are some of the replies to this tweet.

The following tweet was one of the only dissenting responses:

This tweet was not commented on by NCCM, nor by the majority of the respondents.  According to the news article, the hijabed woman was not a target in this incident. She was a witness to a crime.


Although the “hate” incident was disproved, NCCM did not remove the original tweet. They did not give updated information to their followers. What they have done is foment anger and hate, the very thing they claim to fight.

Perhaps there should be a summit on that.

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