Urgent Update on Ex-Muslim in China Seeking Support

Reposted with permission from PC

In March of this year, we wrote a report on an Iraqi Ex-Muslim Hayder Alasadi seeking admittance to Canada or the United States.  Although things were moving along and looked hopeful, the situation has taken a turn for to the worse. Although he had been approved by UNHCR in China as a recognized refugee in March of 2020 and his application was submitted to the Canadian Embassy for resettlement  around July 2020, it has since been denied.  Please read the link below for background on Hayder’s case in our previous article.

Because of my stated opposition to fundamentalist Islam, I was pursued by militant extremists who sought to exact their own brand of “justice.”

He is appealing to our readers once again.

Hello Everyone, 

I thank each one of you, for your support that you have given me, it was wonderful, but with that being said, I am facing the most difficult time in my life. Being Ex-Muslim, supporting the core Christian western society, supporting the Jewish & Israel cause and fighting Islamist jihadists has made me a target, not only in my home country of Iraq where I did get attacked, but also in my Asylum country of China!

I have been living in mainland China for almost 6 years, and registered with the UNHCR Office. I became the first Recognized Ex-Muslim case in China in early 2020, and after your kind support in March of 2021, this lead the UNHCR Office to begin work on my resettlement application. I even signed the declaration form, completed my Resettlement Interview and all paperwork The case was about to be submitted to the United States, within 6 months (that’s the official UNHCR timeline for submission after signing the declaration). That means the maximum limit for submission would be October 2021. Instead, I was astonished to get a call from the UNHCR Office on the 27th of October, 2021, to tell me that since I am married to a local, why haven’t I applied for Family Residence Permit? They suggested I go to the Chinese Immigration Office to apply for a Residence Permit. I had already talked to the local Chinese Police Station and Chinese Immigration Office, who both rejected my request for a residence permit, as I am illegal, on the ‘blacklist’ since I gave up my legal temporary residency in China to apply for asylum. Without the asylum designation, I will be sent back to the country I fled.

There is no way a UNHCR office would tell a RECOGNIZED REFUGEE on the Resettlement Process to apply a residence permit. Not only it will not be issued at all, but also it will make the resettlement impossible. I believe I am being targeted!

My only solution right now is a Sponsorship and Humanitarian visa to help me to get resettled to Canada. I hope that you guys can help in any way! I am already trying to reach organizations based in Canada for sponsorship, I don’t know any lawyers or have any contact in Canada. I am asking for your help in any way possible, perhaps with connections to people that can help me.

My wife is pregnant with our first baby, that will born in March 2022, and I want my baby to born with a bright future ahead and not a dark future without a father!

Thank you so much for your support, I hope you can help!

my email address is Mars2032@protonmail.ch, you can contact me if you believe you can help me.

Mr. Alasadi is in danger of assassination if he is forced to return to Iraq because of his outspoken opposition to Islamists and his strong support for the Jewish community. Please consider helping this young family.


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