Fake Twitter Account Targets Egyptian Coptic Christian Asylum Seeker in Mississauga

This is the latest in our reports on Egyptian Coptic Christian Hani Morris. He received asylum in Canada because of threats to his life in Kuwait. These threats continue in Canada. You can read previous posts here, here, here, here and here.

While awaiting a court case in Kuwait at the end of January, enemies of Mr Morris continue to threaten not only him and his family, but also others connected with this case, including his lawyer, an Israeli journalist and a Jordanian free lance writer.

According to sources involved, on December 31, 2019, a fake twitter account (which has since been shut down) was allegedly created  by an employee/connection of the Kuwaiti Al Mulla automotive company, in the name of Hani Morris. The tweet that was sent intimated that Hani, who is a Christian, had converted  to Islam. It also intimated  that he committed  suicide after killing his own family. They then sent all this to Peel police in Mississauga. This all occurred in the middle of the night while Hani was sleeping.  The police came to Hani’s apartment with armed force, thinking that Hani had murdered his family, and then committed suicide.  After investigation, it appeared someone who works for Kuwait had made the fake twitter account.

First tweet sent to Peel Police, the second to Peel Paramedics (translated from Arabic)

Many threats have also been made against Morris and his family by Sami Thabet, the Egyptian lawyer who works for Kuwait. (see previous reports here) Mr Morris’ Canadian lawyer has also been threatened, as well as an Israeli Journalist (with antisemitic slurs and threats) and a Jordanian freelance writer who also reported on this case. 


The Canadian government and RCMP are aware of this case.  Mr Morris’ lawyer has received correspondence from Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Omar Alghabra, assuring him that he would look into the matter (read here) 

It appears as if Mr Morris’ enemies are trying prevent him, his family and others involved from testifying  by using threats and intimidation. Court sitting will take place January 29, 2020 in Toronto, where Mr Morris seeks compensation from the government of Kuwait and Al Mulla motors. After being persecuted in Kuwait, he filed a lawsuit against Badr Al Mulla, Anwar Al Mulla and Ahli United Bank accusing them of causing persecution during his stay in Kuwait from 2009 to 2017.

Activist that declined to report on Islamist hate speech blasted by Islamic group

Bernie Farber, President of Antihate.ca Source: youtube screenshot

Bernie Farber, chairman of Canadian Anti-Hate network has been called out by an Islamic group for his allegedly being a “supporter of racist Zionist policies and has repeatedly gone after Canadian-Jewish activists who defend Palestine”

“On December 23, 2019 “United Dawah Organizations of Canada” posted:

Who is Bernie Farber? The Muslim Community in Canada should know who this man is. He’s been trying to build relations with the Muslim community in Canada, but not everyone is familiar with his background and his efforts to undermine the concerns of the Palestinian community in Canada. Farber markets himself as an “anti-racist” and “friend” of Muslims in Canada. However, he is an adamant supporter of racist Zionist policies and has repeatedly gone after Canadian-Jewish activists who defend Palestine.”

This was reported on by The Documentation Project, read the story here.

A previous article concerning the Anti-Hate network was published by Circanada in January with concerns about inconsistency in their reporting on incidents of hate in Canada. Read the story here.

In that article, it was pointed out that CAHN studiously avoided reporting on hate speech  by Islamists in Canada.

The latest article by The Documentation project would lead one to believe that favoritism is not always beneficial when fighting hate.

Sharia courses recognized by the Quebec Bar?

Original story posted February 2019 by Les Manchettes in French. See original here


Michèle Sirois, President of the Women’s Rights in Quebec group , revealed in her testimony before the study committee of Bill 59 that the Canadian Association of Muslim Lawyers (CMLA) is offering courses on the subject of Sharia …

The video that demonstrates the proof has been removed several times from Youtube, here it is again:




^^”CMLA provides training on the following theme: The recognition of the Muslim “Kafala” (sponsorship) in Quebec civil law and Canadian immigration law: state of play and possible solutions.  Training recognized by the Quebec Bar…..”

From their facebook page ‘about’ section:

“The CMLA represents Muslim individuals of all backgrounds who are in the legal profession in Canada.

We exist to interact with and assist Muslim lawyers, law students, the Muslim community, the legal profession and the public at large in various capacities.

Professional Advocacy – The CMLA advocates areas of interest for Muslim lawyers and law students to organizations such as the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Canadian Bar Association and other professional and non-professional organizations, including the various levels of government.

Education – The CMLA is involved in providing education to the Muslim community regarding the Canadian legal system and the common law. We also conduct “in-house” education for CMLA members with respect to various areas of the law. In addition, we endeavour to educate and sensitize the profession to the legal needs of the Muslim community.

Networking – The CMLA acts as a catalyst for networking between Muslim lawyers, with other Muslim professionals, and networking with other organizations to make them aware of our expanding group.

Peer Support – The CMLA provides mentorship to students, assistance with job placement, referrals and general support to our Muslim peers in the legal community.”

According to the CMLA website: “The Muslim Kafala, (sponsorship) which is found in many countries of Islamic law, is not an adoption within the meaning of Quebec civil law but rather a child care, similar to a guardianship. . ”

Ms. Sirois said that children in care under the kafala do not enjoy the same rights as biological or adopted children.

She also reported on Shariah courses at the University of Montreal, and notaries offering Shariah-compliant wills and marriage contracts.

In the United Kingdom, the Law Society had adopted guidelines on sharia-compliant wills that caused an outcry over discriminatory provisions against widows, some orphans and non-Muslims. They were withdrawn, and the Law Society apologized.

Death Threats Continue For Canadian Asylum Seeker

The following is a continuation of a report received from an independent source:

New death threats have been made towards  Hani Morris, Egyptian Coptic Christian Canadian asylum seeker, by Egyptian lawyer Sami Thabet who works for al Mulla automotive company in Kuwait. Freelance writer Rami Dabbas has also received additional threats for exposing Mr Morris’ case. Read additional articles  here


Above screenshot: Lawyer Sami Thabet writes to Hani Morris; “we will write next time in English after we will kill you and make sure the world know who you are, you insult Islam and Mohammed.”


Above screenshot: Sami Thabet wrote that the Kuwaitis are watching the building where Hani lives and watching  his family including his two daughters, making  threats about both daughters. He also writes about Mr. Morris’ daily moves, showing that the Kuwaitis are watching him in Canada.


Above screenshot: Sami Thabet wrote that there is a bounty on Hani’s head f because he insults Islam.


Above screenshot: Mr Thabet congratulates all Muslims in Canada and around the world for Trudeau’s win and calls on Trudeau in a tweet to deport Hani Morris. He included the phone number of Mr Morris.


Above screenshot: In the previous photo, Mr Thabet posted photos of Hani apartment and the building where he lives and called to deport Hani Morris because he is an Infidel. He also he mentioned the exact location of Mr Morris’ home.



Above screenshot: Sami Thabet hacked Hani’s mobile phone and took Rami Dabbas’s phone number and send him a threat to stop writing about the  Hani Morris case, also asked to stop exposing the terrorist Kuwaitis.



Above screenshots:

He offered a bribe to Rami Dabbas near 200k$ in order to stop writing about Morris’ case and to stop exposing Al-mulla automative company’s terror in Canada. He also said if you will not stop we will hurt you badly and we will kill Hani in all situations. Additionally,  all writers who helped Hani in the past left him alone after Kuwait threatened them, now it’s your turn. He also stated that the Kuwaitis are looking now to hurt Hani’s little daughter. Finally, he wrote Allah Akbar and victory for Islam and Muslims and death to Christians and the Jews.
The police visited Mr Morris’ house after these latest threats. They also contacted Mr Dabbas about the threats made to him
The request is  “the Amir of Kuwait has to stop both Hamad Al-Marzouq, Ex Administrative Board of al-ahli bank and Anwar Al-Mulla, the President of Al-Mulla Automative from funding Sami Thabet and other Kuwaitis who are sending threats to Hani Morris and his family and spying on them.
If something happens to Hani Morris or his family, then Hamad Al-Marzouq & Anwar al-Mulla will be responsible.
The ministry of foreign affairs in Kuwait and the Amir of Kuwait  both have to do something to stop these criminals.”
On January 29th,  Hani has a court sitting with the Kuwaitis in the International criminal court. Kuwait paid Egyptian authorities weeks ago to arrest Hani’s brother in Egypt, he has since been released.
This missive is communicated via a third party.





Islamism Within


This information was received from an unnamed individual and deserves consideration and further investigation.

Much has been written about Islamists within our government systems. The upcoming election has the highest number of Muslim candidates in Canadian history, and several of these candidates are affiliated with Islamist organizations.

Canada has several members of parliament currently in office who have spoken of their loyalty to sharia and in some cases, there is a  connection with radical entities.

A particularly concerning phenomenon with this election is the number of candidates that are allegedly connected to the Pakistani intelligence unit,  Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI. This unit has been linked to political assassinations, drug smuggling and the smuggling of nuclear components. It has also embraced radical extremism.  It has also been charged with using Islamic militants in a campaign of terror to wrench control of the provinces of Jammu and Kashmir from the Indians.

Canada’s Senator from the Conservative Party Salma Attaullahjan, has troubling and ongoing associations with Pakistan’s intelligence agency, ISI. This intelligence agency is responsible for ongoing terrorist attacks against India, NATO, and the Canadian Armed Forces. Canada’s former Ambassador to Afghanistan and former Conservative Immigration Minister Chris Alexander points to Pakistan as a state sponsor of terrorism.



Despite these disturbing assertions, Senator  Attaullahjan arranged a meeting between Pakistan’s Ex-Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, who is said to have direct influence of both the Pakistan Army and ISI, and Canadian Khalistani leader Sukhminder Singh Hansra at Parliament Hill on March 19th, 2019.

Canada’s public safety report clearly states that the ‘Khalistan Movement’ is a threat to Canadian Security, yet Senator Attaullahjan invited the Khalistani leader along with several Khalistanis to parliament on Pakistan Day. Mr. Hansra (Khalistani leader) spoke in his speech about dismembering India. Concerning indeed that Senator AttaullahJan arranged the platform for Mr. Hansra to speak and recorded and promoted his speech.


It is believed by many within the Pakistani community that Senator Salma Attahullahjan, with the help of Ishaq Muhammad, is actively trying to influence candidate acclamation for specific candidates to get ISI linked Pakistanis acclaimed as candidates.

This is the very definition of political entryism by an Islamist group and has the potential to destroy the conservative party and could have significant effects on Canada’s national security.

Ishaq Muhammed is Conservative Party of Canada leader Andrew Scheer’s driver and contact adviser whenever Mr Scheer attends events in the Toronto region. Mr. Muhammed has alleged ties to the Pakistani ISIS. Mr Muhammed publicly berated Liberal MP Omar Alghabra for not contradicting his party’s stance on Islamic and Sikh  terrorism.

Iftikhar Choudhry is acclaimed Conservative candidate for Humber River-Black Creek, Ontario.  Iftikhar has a very basic comprehension of the English language and according to multiple sources within the Pakistani community, he has two cousins and an uncle all working for the Pakistan Interservice Intelligence Agency (ISI). Also, according to sources within the Pakistani community,  Iftikhar Choudhry has appointed his undeclared second wife as a campaign manager. Like many Islamist or Muslim extremists, he has two wives.

Irshad Chuadry, Conservative candidate from Scarborough Centre,  has always been a staunch Liberal supporter, but acting on advisement, he sought the conservative nomination. He is a close ally and friend of Islamist Liberal MP Salma Zahid who allegedly has strong ties to the Muslim brotherhood. She advised him to become a candidate for the Conservative Party. She told Mr Chuadry that the riding would stay in Pakistani control even she loses to him. Irshad Chaudry has a very basic command of the English language.

Zia Choudhry was acclaimed as the Toronto-Danforth Conservative candidate. Zia is linked with Danforth Madinah Mosque, allegedly one of the most extremists mosques in Ontario. The Madinah Mosque is one of the 13 mosques that hosted Saudi Cleric and Islamist Shaikh, Dr. Muhammad Al-Luhaidan, brought in by Islamic Relief Canada. Zia Choudry’s family serves in the Pakistan army and Interservice Intelligence Agency, ISI.

Ms. Nadirah Nzeer was acclaimed as the Conservative candidate in the Toronto Beaches riding. Although it is uncertain how close her ties are to the Pakistani Interservice Intelligence agency, she is allegedly taking donations from local real estate agents with links to the Pakistani Interservice Intelligence agency (ISI). 

Cyma Musarat is the Conservative  candidate for Pickering Uxbridge, Ontario. Ms. Musarat has concerning ties with a Mr. Walied Solimon, who is said to have rented a house on Ms Musarat’s property.  Walied Solimon, Chair of Norton Rose Fulbright lawfirm is alleged to have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood along with his brothers Yousuf and Hany through family connections. Mr. Solimon has allegedly recorded admitting to being affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood during an investigation in Hamilton. He allegedly asked the judge in this case to seal the transcript sighting a procedural loophole. His brother Hany Solimon is on the board of directors of Islamic Relief Canada, an affiliated group of Islamic Relief World Wide listed as a sponsor of terrorism by middle eastern governments.


Ms. Musarat harshly attacked a moderate Muslim activist at a political event in 2018 discussing Islamisation. When the activist asked about how to combat FGM, Ms Musurat  condemned the activist as being Islamophobic despite the activist in question being Muslim herself.

What the above information does is show the firm foot in the door that Islamist ideology has in Canadian politics.  It deserves further investigation.





Kuwaiti Lawyer Offers 10 Million Dollars For The Death Of Canadian Egyptian Coptic Christian Asylum Seeker

New threats have been received in the case of Hani Morris, an Egyptian Coptic Christian who received asylum in Canada. This last set of threats included an offer of money for his demise. These threats also extended to Mr Morris’ friends and acquaintances. A message was sent to Prime Minister Trudeau requesting Mr Morris’ deportation, as well as a warning to the Canadian Police. See our original reports herehere and here.


Mr Sami Thabet, an Egyptian lawyer & Islamist who works for the Kuwaiti Almulla auto company wrote here to ex member Parliament of Kuwait who witnessed that Mr Hani Morris was persecuted by Kuwaiti authorities. This is a translation of the above tweet : You Shia traitor, you help a Christian against your own country, soon we will take the Kuwaict itizenship from you and you will back in Iran , you infidel must witness with Muslims, not with Christian infidels.


Mr Thabet wrote this to a Kuwaiti refugee in Canada who is a friend with Hani : You dog who defends Christian,  you womanizer, we know where you live and your friend Hani, if he is a real man let him go to the church.


Mr Thabet wrote to a Kuwaiti lawyer who helped Hani Morris in his case : You defend an infidel Christian against your own country Kuwait, soon we will take your Kuwaiti citizenship and you know that the Kuwaiti Government and The ministry of foreign affairs of Kuwait will help us to kill him and you will die too, god bless Islam.



Mr Thabet wrote to a popular Israeli Jewish journalist: You filthy Jewish dog who defends a Christian dog soon he will die in his home in Canada, tell him to give up the case before 2020.


Mr Thabet wrote to Rami Dabbas : You dog who writes articles about Hani Morris the infidel , tell him to give up the case otherwise he will die.

Mr Thabet wrote to Justin Trudeau: Mr.trudeau we know you are a Muslim, please deport Hani Morris who is a Christian and suing us otherwise you will not win the 2019 elections and this is the number of the Christian dog. Mr Thabet provided Mr Morris’ telephone number.


Mr Thabet wrote to police : This is a warning to the Canadian police , Hani Morris must give up his case or he will be killed in his home, we know everything about him. Mr Thabet provided Mr Morris’ telephone number.


Mr Thabet wrote  on his Twitter page the following statement, after which he shut it down after Hani Morris told the police and the intelligence agency in Canada : Kuwait pays 10 millions dollar to anyone who kills Hani and we will not pay any penny to a Christian infidel, he must give up the case against Kuwait before 2020, and he lives in Mississauga. Who insults Islam, there is a reward for those who kill him.

NCCM Once Again Calling for Resignation of Conservative Candidate


Today, the National Council of Canadian Muslims once again are calling for the dropping of Conservative candidate Ghada Melek.  Below is their statement on a facebook post:

“We appreciate that all people can change. But when candidates express hateful views, apologies have to be directed towards the communities affected, not towards political parties.

That’s why we are continuing to call for Ghada Melek’s resignation.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer stated that if a Conservative candidate has made racist or homophobic comments in the past, he will stand by the candidate as long as they apologize and take responsibility for those comments.

But Ghada Melek’s apology doesn’t take responsibility.

“As a Coptic Christian, I know what my family and friends often endured under Morsi and the Brotherhood, and that passion may have got the best of me at times,” she said in a statement. “While these are almost entirely retweets from more than half a decade ago, I do understand how some of them may be offensive, and I do regret that as well as retweeting them…”

While we of course decry any oppression of the Coptic community in Egypt, no candidate for elected government in Canada should promote utter nonsense against the Muslim community on that basis (like when she blamed “Islamists” for the economic crisis in Detroit)

We would be happy to accept Ghada Melek’s apology when it a) clearly denounces anti-Muslim bigotry and Islamophobia and b) commits to meeting folks from diverse backgrounds to learn more.

An apology where Melek states that some of her retweets “may have been offensive” isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

We aren’t asking for much. Asking that a person who is apologizing understands the harm caused, and commits to learning more, should be obvious.

If Ghada Melek can’t commit to doing better, she has no place in standing to be a candidate.

When you share the hateful views of the Clarion Project (which was named by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate organization) it’s time to demonstrate that you’re willing to grow as a person.

Without a real apology, despite giving Ghada Melek numerous opportunities to engage in such a process, we have no choice but to continue to call on Andrew Scheer, alongside other folks in the Muslim Council of Peel and Imam Ibrahim Hindy, to drop Ghada as a candidate.”

On August 4, Circanda posted a story of the initial concerns of NCCM. We countered that with concerns of our own. Our concerns still stand.

NCCM has had ties with CAIR, an American human rights group whose founder Nihad Awad has voiced support for the terror group Hamas.

“Awad publicly declared “I am in support of the Hamas movement,” during a March 1994 symposium at Barry University”

Although they changed their name from CAIR Canada to NCCM in 2013, no apology was forthcoming for CAIR founder’s  support for Hamas, there was no removing themselves from any association with the parent group.

“We remain the same organization our constituents and partners have come to rely on to represent a broad and diverse spectrum of Canadian Muslims.”