NCCM Calling for Resignation of CPC Candidate for her Reparative Therapy Viewpoint.

Interesting, this.

NCCM is calling for the resignation of CPC candidate GHADA MELEK in light of her ‘homophobic’ viewpoint where she appeared to endorse in the past reparative therapy for those in the LGBTQ lifestyle.

She is also under fire for ‘Islamophobic’ comments as well.

Ms Melek is a Coptic Christian, well acquainted with religious persecution at the hands of Islamists. NCCM (National Council of Canadian Muslims)  seems to have her in their sights for bringing her down under the guise of standing up for human rights.


(Toronto – August 2, 2019) The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) is calling for the resignation of federal Conservative candidate (Mississauga-Streetsville) Ghada Melek in light of recent revelations where Melek appeared to endorse reparative therapy for gay people in the past.

“While we have engaged Melek’s office in conversation around her past reported Islamophobic tweets, retweets, and statements, the most recent revelations have forced us to ask whether Melek is qualified to serve as a federal candidate,” says Nadia Hasan, NCCM’s Acting Executive Director. “Simply put, federal candidates have a responsibility to serve everyone, regardless of their faith or sexual orientation. Given her past statements, Ms. Melek should do the right thing and resign as a candidate for the Conservative party.”

As the NCCM recognizes that Andrew Scheer, leader of the Conservative Party, has explicitly stated that there is no room for discriminatory conduct in the party, and that the vast majority of Conservative Party members reject the aforementioned views, the time has come for Melek to resign.

The NCCM is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organization that is a leading voice for civic engagement and the promotion of human rights.”

A reminder: Quran (7:80-84) – “…For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds…. And we rained down on them a shower (of brimstone)” – An account that is borrowed from the Biblical story of Sodom. Muslim scholars through the centuries have interpreted the “rain of stones” on the town as meaning that homosexuals should be stoned, since no other reason is given for the people’s destruction.

One would think that NCCM would support Ms Melek’s views in view of Quranic scripture.


Kuwaiti Gangs Threaten Coptic Refugee With Death… Canada.

In May 2019, we published a story about Egyptian Coptic Christian Hani Morris who has been given asylum in Canada because of persecution at his workplace in Kuwait. More information has been revealed concerning this case.

In late April, Canadian police surrounded the home of Coptic refugee Hani Morris in Mississauga for several hours after he was threatened with death and the burning of his house. Police scoured the vicinity as well, searching for anyone who might be hiding. These threats came from Kuwaitis who claimed to have ties to the Kuwaiti embassy in Ottawa.



According to Mr Morris, “The Kuwaiti lawyer Thabet Hamdan Yusuf who works for the Kuwaiti car company from where I was fired is originally an Egyptian with possible Brotherhood ties. He tried to call me here in Canada. I refused to answer, he has insulted me for being Christian and insulted my family. He said he got mobile numbers of my wife and daughter from the Kuwaiti embassy in Ottawa, and he threatened me with death, even  by bombing us and also said the police will not protect us.”

Below are screen shots of these text messages.



Below is translation of one of the messages:

“Hello, answer you dog fag why you are afraid, you Christian, the underwear is beautiful on the balcony, she went to the church with new t-shirt and Yesterday she feared to go to doctor and you are going to meet the lawyer, and you have to know that in Saturday you were in bank to buy new phone and here is the number, all these information by Kuwaiti embassy and now take number of  ( Hani’s Daughter)”

Despite the knowledge of the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry about the threats to kill Hani Morris and his family in Canada, they gave him the ‘option’ by the end of July  to give up his case against Kuwait and if he refuses, they threatened him with death. Canadian police are aware of this. Has the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry colluded with the corrupt car company in Kuwait where Mr Morris worked?  The Ministry of Justice and Interior in Kuwait did not move to solve this case where rich and corrupt people from Kuwait could threaten to kill a whole Christian family in Canada.

In April of this year, Mr Morris contacted MP Omar Alghabra for help in this case. Yesterday, July 15, 2019,  Mr Alghabra sent a text message to Mr Morris’ lawyer, stating:

Screen shot of message from MP Alghabra


Mr Morris continues to wait for action on this case. The police have given him ‘tips’ on how to keep safe in the meantime.

This story has been reported in the Canadian Arabic Newspaper Al-Ahram .

Hani Morris’ story case in western media :

Qatar and Terrorism

by: Rami Dabbas


Reasons for Qatar’s support for terrorism were limited to finding a foothold in some Arab and regional countries due to the small and weak state of Qatar and the lack of any political or military weight in the Middle East. Qatar has supported terrorism in IraqSyriaYemenLibyaTunisia and Egypt, and has recorded record numbers in support and funding of extremist groups and terrorist activities in Europe and the west. Indeed, Qatar succeeded in penetrating some countries by spreading terrorism, destabilization of security and the formation of armed terrorist groups like Al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq   They purchase political power and influence, furthering the Qatari dream to give the illusion of being a regional power.

The main supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was Qatar. The resounding fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the insistence of the Egyptian people to get rid of this organization has had a great impact on the psyche of Qatari Regime. This, in turn had a very negative effect on Qatar’s policies towards Egypt and the rest Arab countries which rejected the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorism and who also worked to eradicate it from that region and the world.  Qatar’s support for terrorism became a political ideology that seeped  into  Qatari military, security, diplomatic and even charitable institutions. This has led to the increase in the spread of terrorism in the region in an unprecedented manner, accompanied by the emergence of many terrorist groups under the support of Qatar via funds and weapons. This has prompted the Arab countries to boycott Qatar in order to stop it’s terrorist activities that violated the security and stability of the region.  Qatar funded  Muslim Brotherhood Activities in Europe and promoted Europe’s Islamization in their alliance with Turkey. The announcement of Qatar’s solidarity with Iran and its coordination with the Revolutionary Guards which is designated as terrorist organization by the United States, the Quds Force and the Iranian intelligence  worked to undermine security and stability against the Arab countries in particular and worldwide in general. The siege of Qatar’s activities in support of terrorism in the Gulf region and worldwide continues. They support the activities of notorious anti West activists Linda Sarsour and Ilhan Omar  for example and in an attempt to exploit poor youth, they recruit them for  terrorist organizations like the Houthis in Yemen, Hezbollah and Iraqi sectarian Terrorist militias and remnants of Isis, in order to destabilize national security, especially in Egyptian and Saudi Arabia in retaliation for isolating Qatar and it’s ally. the Muslim Brotherhood.  Qatar has hampered  progress and development in the Arab anti Muslim Brotherhood countries by targeting security and stability, striking at their relations with the world and trying to target their interests and investments. This has become one of the main reasons for Qatar’s support for terrorism.

Qatar has become an ally to Iran and it’s proxies including Erdogan’s Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood. Qatar has become a tool of Iranian terrorism and Turkish interventions and a financial tool for Turkey’s proxies in Europe. Because of it’s alliance with Iran and Turkey, it has now become a  dangerous  security risk for Arabic countries and the world in general.
Why is Qatar  important to the United States? Simply because of  Al Udeid Air Base which is one of the most important US bases in the world. It is used by other US allies for military operations like the United kingdom and Australia during the gulf wars and operations in Syria.  Qatar is a tiny, rich state which pays for US lobbyists and US politicians to influence Some of US policies. for example : ”Qatar has spent $16.3 million lobbying the U.S. in 2017, compared to $4.2 million in 2016, in an attempt to lobby about 250 people who can influence President Trump’s foreign policy”.

Qatar. Small, but dangerous.

The Decision of the Century : Trump Seeks to Designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist Organisation.

by: Rami Dabbas

After the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, after it hijacked the Arab Spring and kidnapped the revolution of the Egyptians and Syrians after  massive peaceful protest movements in the Arab Spring countries, Washington is going to correct a mistake which allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to be part of the democratic process in all countries.

Perhaps it’s the “decision of the century” to include the Muslim Brotherhood on the terrorist lists, but first and foremost,  it’s a security decision  and a political  decision secondly. From the beginning of  the 2016 election campaign, US President Donald Trump has not hidden his disgust with those who “harbor hatred and evil” for America,  the free world and human and civil values. He did not hesitate to mention this on more than one occasion before and after taking office. Trump’s position is supported by the vast majority, but the chronic conflict was to deal with this evil. The difficulty is within the title of this organization and their mandate of ‘political Islam” and “moderate” Islamists. Those who have studied Political Islam certainly know that the MB is a militant political organization. Participants are fully aware that Machiavellian conduct is part and parcel of this organization, under the guise of pious and pragmatic opportunism.

The public and the private debates over the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists in general cannot continue to ignore the historical mistakes of two of America’s most popular presidents: Republican Ronald Reagan and Democrat Barack Hussein Obama. Ronald Reagan hosted the students of Hassan al-Banna and Sayed Qutb in the White House and  history will not forget Barrak Obama’s failed attempt to empower the Muslim Brotherhood.

President Trump continues to create a maelstrom of controversy as he continues to implement his campaign promises and  his decision to designate the Muslim brotherhood as terrorist organization is no exception. This will create a tsunami that I see more important than any decision so far on a security level.

The Brotherhood’s status as a terrorist organization and not  a political party or  association will lead to a security screening process – both at Arab and European levels- and then follows the screening of their extended circle of  influence,  including  legal, political, intellectual, cultural and media influences.

The decision will help to rehabilitate countries that have not hesitated to take this courageous and dangerous step, and at the same time,  “wave a big stick at all the snakes”, which will help in fighting the extremists, terrorists and their sympathizers.

The decision will promote modernization, will stop the incitement against those who don’t agree with the political Islam and any ideology which allied with the Muslim Brotherhood and will help to fight terrorism worldwide to create a new era not only in the United States, but also in Europe and the Arab world.  This decision will promote human rights, democracy, women rights, coexistence and the religious freedom  worldwide.

Islamist in Canada Mourns the Passing of Ousted Egyptian President, Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi

Mazin AbdulAdhim

On June 17, former President of Egypt Mohammed Morsi collapsed during an appearance in a Cairo courtroom and subsequently died of heart failure.

Mr Morsi   67, came from Egypt’s largest Islamist group, the now outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, and was elected president in 2012 in the country’s first free elections following the ouster the year before of longtime autocrat Hosni Mubarak.

Canadian Islamist and Hizb ut Tahrir advocate and activist Mazin Abdul Adhim of London, Ontario mourned Morsi’s  passing in a facebook post June 17.

“Our brother Mohammed Morsi has passed away while he was in the corrupt court of the Fir’aun-wannabe of our time.

We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return

May Allah (swt) have mercy on our brother Mohammed, forgive his sins, make his grave a place of rest after all the hardship he faced, and allow him into Jannah. And may Allah (swt) give him his full due of compensation from those who oppressed him on the Day of Judgement. Ameen.”

The creed of the Muslim Brotherhood is as follows: “Allah is our objective, the prophet is our leader, Quran is our law,  jihad is our way, dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

The Muslim Brotherhood is outlawed in many countries, as is the political Islamist group Hizb ut Tahrir. Both of these groups operate freely in Canada.


President Trump: A Nobel Peace Prize Candidate?

By: Rami Dabbas
Screenshot 2019-06-05 10.15.33

Despite strong criticism by mainstream media against US President Donald Trump, from the moment he was a presidential candidate, he has proved over the past three years that he is a man who deserves recognition for his efforts to bring peace on an international level.

Some of his peace initiate accomplishments: President Trump arranged a diplomatic meeting between the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to discuss “unconditional” nuclear disarmament. After the threats over the past decades by North Korea to strike Japan.

This  also  helped assist President Trump in negotiating the return of Japanese Nationals abducted by North Korea between 1977 and 1982.

President Trump’s call for peace between the State of Israel and the Arab states, known as the Trump peace plan is an initiative that deserves accolades.

Trump called for improved US-Russian relations and cooperation, especially in the fight against extremism and terrorism, unlike the previous Obama administration that chose to escalate hostilities with Russia and the world was on the verge of a possible nuclear war.

Finally, Trump saved the lives of 3 million people living in the opposition-controlled  Syrian province of Idlib after Russia and the Syrian government warned of a possible attack. President Trump has been ruled out for any International award because of the strong criticism and antagonism of the mainstream media of Donald Trump and every International body supported by the forces of globalization.

It is surprising that former US President Barack Hussein Obama won the Nobel award for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation. It is known that President Obama contributed to igniting the wars in the Arab countries in what is known as the Arab Spring, supporting the extremist groups that led to the death and displacement of millions and also supporting the coups in the state of Ukraine. This led to a brutal civil war In this country, the displacement of hundreds of thousands and do not forget the frightening escalation with Russia, which almost lead to a global nuclear war. How can we also forget the nuclear agreement with Iran and permit Iran to possess nuclear weapons? They do not stop escalation and the language of threat with Israel. They occupied three Arab capitals. In contrast, President Trump canceled the nuclear agreement and defeated the Iranian  fascist dictatorship.

In conclusion, US President Donald Trump, despite the criticisms, is working for the American people and his country, he has political and economic peace in his sights. He has won the support of the marginalized peoples in Iran and Venezuela, unlike his predecessor Obama, who worked for the forces of globalization and marginalized his people. Decisions that the American Government made that caused the displacement of thousands of Americans because of it’s failed economic policy and millions of citizens of other countries because of it’s international policy in the era of Obama America have now lost importance, both politically and economically.

US President  Donald J Trump has restored the prestige of the United States of America and made it a great nation again.

Coptic Christian Gets Asylum in Canada, Sues Kuwait for Human Rights Violations

by: Rami Dabbas

Hani Morris with CPC MP Garnett Genuis


After Canada had accepted his Asylum for Protection  as a refugee from Kuwait, Hani Morris an Egyptian Coptic Christian filed a lawsuit against Kuwait and more specifically against two major institutions there, Al Mulla Motors and United Ahli bank in Kuwait. The case was accepted by the Canadian Court.

Although the case is not directed against the State of Kuwait specifically, it is exposing corruption in state institutions, how justice is undermined in Kuwait, how to win the violation of the rights and dignity of foreign workers and how corruption and nepotism are exploited in Kuwaiti state institutions. The Ambassador of Kuwait to  Canada is Mr. Abdul Hamid Al-Failakawi .
This is a story of the mistreatment and torture of  an Egyptian family that was deprived of its dignity of being an Egyptian family firstly and a secondly for being a  Christian.

Hani Morris  traveled from Eygpt to work in Kuwait in 1995 and worked there until he married  in 2001. He fell in  love with  the State of Kuwait and its  people and brought his wife to live with him there. His wife gave birth to their first child Hanin in 2002 and his second child in 2007. For Hani and his family,  Kuwait was for them as  second homeland, but as the  chosen homeland and the two children loved the Kuwait they where they were born and grew up.

Mr Morris started a job as an auto valuer at Badr Al Mulla Company  in 2006. His issues  started in January 2009, when one of the company’s clients, Ayad Fahim, an Egyptian citizen, filed a fraud case against the company. Hani Morris was taken to a  Police station in Kuwait City. Before he went to testify in the case, they called Hani’s manager, Naziza Abu Assi who asked Hani  to testify falsely and deny what happened to the client but Hani refused to falsely testify .

Mr Morris lost his job because he refused to falsely testify . He went to the owners of the company  Anwar Mulla and Abdullah Mulla to see if they would support his testimony of  truth, but they refused to help.  Instead, they told him he must obey his manager but when Hani refused to falsely testify,  he lost his job permanently .

After the company fired him from his job, they committed a felony crime against Mr Morris for being  absence from work despite the fact that he was never absent.

Mr Morris filed a complaint of perjury against the Company.  He was surprised that the prosecutor  committed another  crime against him by refusing to look into the case.

Mr Morris then filed a complaint against the prosecutor’s decision to the court, but his complaint application  was also rejected. Not surprisingly, the head of the court is a relative  to the owners of the Al Mulla Motors company.

Mr Morris filed to preserve his labor rights in the company. The company  and told him that he has no rights in the company and they were backed up by the Kuwaiti government .

The complaint in the case of perjury against him  remained  in the courts for three years until the government of Kuwait finally reminded Mr Morris that he was an Egyptian and a Christian. They put him in jail after they forged a crime against him .

“Muhammad Abd al-Wala” an employee in the same company told Mr Morris “we will get rid from all Christian people like you”.  They even seized Mr Morris’ Car and took all his money before they threw him in Jail .

What a travesty of justice committed by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice.

Mr Morris was able to obtain asylum and come to Canada on 30 August 2017 and now lives with his family in Canada. After being persecuted in Kuwait, he filed a lawsuit against Badr Al Mulla, Anwar Al Mulla and Ahli United Bank accusing them of causing persecution during his stay in Kuwait from 2009 to 2017.

Mr Morris and his family have received  threats to their lives in Canada after Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram published the case. The threats even came to  the Canadian lawyer and journalist in Al-Ahram who published the case.

The threats come from various telephone numbers, including a Kuwaiti number and other countries. The threats stated that Hani, his family, his lawyer and the journalist that published the story will all be killed  for the publication and for the lawsuit against the corruption of Anwar al-Mulla, Hamad al-Marzouq, Sami Thabit and the various state agencies in Kuwait state.

Hani Morris’s lawyer contacted the Canadian police, who released a statement.

The Canadian Al-Ahram correspondent appealed to the Canadian intelligence service to take the threats seriously and provide protection to Canadian citizens. It is known that Kuwait is a rich country that can implement action on its own  threats.

The Canadian editor-in-chief of Al-Ahram, said that he wouldn’t be surprised that such threats could be related to  al-Qaeda . He added that he would meet with a senior official from the Canadian Foreign Ministry to address the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry in this regard and that if the Trudeau   government did not act, he would bring the matter to the Canadian Parliament through the  Conservative Party. The fact is that the liberal party refused to help Mr Morris and Al Ahram newspaper, however, the Conservative party decided to help through the parliamentary
former Kuwaiti MP Faisal Al-Duwaisan, who acknowledged the threats which both Hani and Al Ahram newspaper received and for the persecution which happened to Hani from 2009-2017. It’s an absolute proof of the injustice  the Egyptian Coptic family suffered in Kuwait.and the State of Kuwait is responsible for that. Their state institutions need to be cleansed from the corruption, racism and discrimination in the  state institutions , which is against the  Universal Declaration of Human Rights signed by Kuwait since it’s inclusion in the United Nations ..

The case is still in the courts.

Original report in Arabic Here