American Muslim Scholar who preached on the filth of Jews and Christians to speak at fundraising tour in Toronto

isna yasir
Dr Yasir Qadhi speaking at the ISNA convention 2018 Source: Youtube screenshot

Yasir Qadhi  is a Pakistani-American Muslim scholar who has served as Dean of Academic Affairs at the Al-Maghrib Institute, an international Islamic educational institution  in Houston, Texas. He also teaches in the Religious Studies department at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, where he resides.

In early 2013, Mr Qadhi gave a lecture at the institute, speaking about the spiritual filth of Jews and Christians.  These sentiments are echoed by Canadian Imam Yusuf Badat. Below is a transcript and video clip of Mr Qadhi’s lecture.

“This is the precise definition of shirk [polytheism] to make a partner along with Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He [GEBH]. And we realize that obviously shirk [polytheism] that is the opposite of tawhid [monotheism] must by necessity and by definition be the the most evil of all evils as Jews and Christians are mushrikoon[polytheists] in our perspective of tawhid [monotheism] as we have studied can understand how, and only the Muslims are upon tawhid [monotheism]. And it is also the ame reason, or the same principle of tawhid[monotheism] which is the first obligation upon every single human being, that he bears witness and he testifies that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah GEBH. And it is because of this same principle of tawhid [monotheism] that the Prophet, peace be upon him, has been commanded to do jihad. Jihad is a means and not a goal of itself. It is a means to establish tawhid [monotheism] on the land. أمرت أن أقاتل الناس حتى يشهدوا أن لا إله إلا الله I have been commanded to fight the people until they testify لا إله إلا الله there is no God but Allah. So the whole reason why Allah GEBH has created us sent the prophets and revealed the books and differentiated us based upon this principle and allowed for jihad, is the basis and is the principle of tawhid [monotheism]. The life and property of a mushrik [polytheist, also identified as Christian] holds no value in the state of jihad. Make no respect. Notice that I said in the state of jihad, not at all times and places. The life and property of a mushrik becomes ‘halal’ [permissible] while in a state of jihad. The prophet, peace be upon him, said, and I quote the hadith before, ‘I have been commanded to fight the people until they say: ‘There is no god but Allah’ [Islamic creed declaring belief in the tawhid[monotheism], and when they say ‘There is no god but Allah’ [meaning accepting Islam], he went on, when they say ‘There is no god but Allah’ [meaning accepting Islam], their life and property become protected for me. Which means if they don’t say ‘There is no god but Allah’ [meaning accepting Islam] their life and property are halal [permissible] for the Muslims. So the Christians do commit shirk [polytheism], they are ‘kuffar’ [disbelievers] and they are mushrikoon [polytheists]. The mushrikoon [polytheists] are najis[impure, filth], they are filthy. Najasa [impurity, filth]. They are filthy, a spiritual filthiness which can only be purified by the purity of monotheism [tawhid]. Allah calls the mushrikoon [polytheists] najis [filthy] which is a very evil thing. When Allah Himself says the mushrikoon [polytheists] are najis [impure, filth], Allah is calling them najis [impure, filth], they are najasa [impurity], a filthy, impure, dirty substance.”



Mr Qadhi is scheduled to speak at an Orphan Education fundraising tour on Saturday, November 24 at the Grand Cinnamon Banquet and Convention center located at 3895 McNicoll Ave, Toronto, Ontario. His topic will be ‘Islam in the 21st century: A path forward”.

Credit: ACD


Canadian Islamic Charity Fined for Possible Ties to Militants, Executive are Proponents of Sharia

ISNA Mississauga Source: screenshot Youtube

A major Canadian Islamic charity with it’s headquarters in Mississauga has been fined $550.00 and suspended for a year. ISNA Canada was audited by Canada Revenue Agency, and it was discovered that they may have used money to support armed militants.  Islamic Society of North America (ISNA Canada) denies any ties to terrorism, and they are saddened by the allegations. In an article by Global News, it was revealed that this is the latest in a number of charges against the ISNA umbrella:

 “The suspension and penalty were the latest results of federal audits of four formerly affiliated Mississauga charities. ISNA Islamic Services of Canada was stripped of its charitable status last year after auditors raised concerns about possible funding of Hizbul Mujahideen. ISNA Development Foundation was stripped of its charity status in 2013 over similar concerns. The Canadian Islamic Trust Foundation’s charity status was also revoked.”

ISNA president Dr Katherine Bullock has stated in a panel discussion at York University, Toronto  in 2014 that there is nothing radical about wanting the caliphate and sharia. Following is a excerpt from from her contribution to the discussion:

 “They defined a radical as this: 1. someone who desires to install a Caliphate. 2. Someone who wants to impose for an Orthodox Sharia; and 3. the use of force, for example, resisting coalition forces in Iraq. So if you’re an Iraqi nationalist who doesn’t believe that the United States should be occupying your country and you fight against them, and you believe in the Caliphate, and you believe in Sharia, you are a radical you’ve been radicalized. But from an Islamic point of view this absolutely nothing radical about wanting Caliphate or wanting Sharia. These are completely normal traditional points of view.”

Taha Ghayyur, who is the new Executive Director of the Islamic Society of North America – Canada (ISNA Canada) also is a proponent of Sharia. He believes that the Islamic Law can be gradually implemented in North America. link

Following is an excerpt  from an article he wrote in 2007:

“The principles of Shariah are universal and are not bound by the limitations of time and culture.

“It is certainly possible to apply Shariah in the North American society only if three conditions are fulfilled:

  • One, when an environment is developed, provisioned with preventative measures, that is conducive to a just and productive lifestyle, which is often not compatible with a consumer lifestyle.
  • Two, if the Shariah laws are implemented gradually, accompanied by continuous public education and training on the importance of justice, freedom, and one’s purpose on this earth, the way it was revealed and practiced, as a strategy of pre-crime social reform, over a period of twenty-three years at the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the first generation of Muslims.
  • Three, if the punishments in the Shariah are given their due place, only to be used as a last resort, and not to be practiced in isolation from the other major objectives of the Shariah.


ISNA Canada has also worked in cooperation with the controversial Islamic political group Hizb ut-Tahrir.  This group is actively working to develop a worldwide Islamic caliphate.

“At a 2016 Hizb ut-Tahrir conference in Mississauga, a guest speaker was the principal of the Islamic Society of North America High School of Mississauga, Abdul–Aziz Rasoul. The ISNA high school received millions in funding from Saudi/Wahhabis sources.  Its parent organization, ISNA, also lost its federally registered charity status for its “Development Fund” when it was caught funding a terrorist group”

Many Canadian dignitaries have visited ISNA Canada, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie and MP Ralph Goodale.

ISNA Canada retains it’s charitable status.

U.S. Imam Booked to Speak in Toronto Voices Anti Israel prayers


We continue our reporting on individuals booked to speak in Toronto in early October of 2018 at a convention entitled  “Carry the Light”, sponsored by ICNA Canada.

Imam Siraj Wahhaj has voiced hatred for the west in previous lectures, has family ties to notorious Islamists and has been named as a mentor to activist Linda Sarsour.

Canada has consistently supported the state of Israel. This Imam not only teaches at a mosque that reportedly hosts radical speakers, and preaches world wide Islam, but also prays for the end of Israel. It is unthinkable that this Imam has free passage into Canada with the possibility of spreading this message.

“Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He, never to forget Jerusalem, never to forget Palestine. May Allah help the Muslims in Palestine to establish the deen [religion of Islam], take over our land again, establish Islam back as it is supposed to be.”  link

Siraj Wahhaj, Controversial New York Imam to Speak at Same Conference as Linda Sarsour in Toronto

Siraj Wahhaj. Photo: Screenshot from video Islam Net Video

Last week, Circanada reported that controversial Muslim American activist Linda Sarsour would be speaking in Toronto in early October of 2018. The conference where this activist would be speaking is sponsored by the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and is to be held at The International Centre, Mississauga. link

In addition to Ms Sarsour, imam Siraj Wahhaj will also speak. Mr Wahhaj is  a controversial Brooklyn imam who was on a list of people who “may be alleged as co-conspirators” to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, according to court documents released by prosecutors.

Ms Sarsour has looked upon Siraj Wahhaj as her mentor.

Mr Wahhaj is imam of Al-Taqwa mosque in Brooklyn, New York and the leader of The Muslim Alliance in North America. He was also the former vice-president of the Islamic Society of North America. This mosque has attracted radical speakers over the years.

He is also the father of the younger Siraj Wahhaj who was found  with 11 children and four adults living in “filthy” conditions at a compound  in Amalia, New Mexico. Prosecutors also alleged in court documents that Wahhaj, 39, was teaching the children to commit school shootings. The documents claim Wahhaj was conducting weapons training with assault rifles at the compound with the children.

Siraj Wahhaj senior lectured in Toronto in 1993. Within his lecture, we see not only the numerous conspiracy theories concerning terror attacks, but his opinions on the possible role of Mossad in the World Trade Center bombing. He also focuses very strongly on the furtherance of the Ummah (Muslim community). His hatred and distrust of the West is very evident.

Following are some excerpts of that speech:

“You can’t be like them [non-Muslims], man,you got to be different from them [non-Muslims]You got to say: Here, come, come Madam, come follow me, come, let me show you how to live a life. Come sir, come Madam, come Prime Minister, come representative, come politician, come, come here. I’ll be an example for you here

 Why the Muslims? Because really there is no more power on this earth that can bring justice on this earth than Muslims

Now, we talked about unity. Let’s keep the community together. Get all communities in Toronto getting together in the sake of Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He.

Brothers and sisters, don’t you know that by the end of the year 2050 in America white people, European Americans will be a minority, and do you know Islam is growing so fast, 6 millions, 8 million Muslims in America

Muslims are growing. Don’t you see? They know it and if they ever unite, man, what a powerful group it would be.

 You’ll see, Islam is rising everywhere. The numbers are phenomenal. But there is a problem. The problem is, we can’t see them [Muslims] getting together, because somebody is working to keeps us apart.

If the trend continues, dominated by Muslims, it can end up with power, political power.

These women there, these Muslim women who are the vanguards, who dare to be the first to step out to please Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He, can have an impact on the Canadian people and the American people, and you’ll see, these sisters [who wear hijab] will bring a transformation in the rest of the world.

Everywhere you go. Let the people Canadians, let them see us. Don’t hide. Don’t hide. Get up. Get out and be proud of your deen [religion of Islam]. If you do this brothers and sisters, watch, you’ll see hundreds of thousands and millions of Canadians A. are accepting Islam or B. at least becoming friends of Muslims

I pray to continue the success of TorontoI pray to Allah, Glorified and Exalted be He, that Toronto can get be together and Vancouver and Saskatoon and Regina, in Winnipeg, in Montreal, in London in all of the cities in Canada, Allah Willing, we get together, Allah Willing, when that happens we’ll show the people that we are not the terrorists, we’ll expose the terrorists and bring the people to guidance, Allah Willing.”

Credit: American Center for Democracy



Ashura in Toronto Meets Opposition from the Communist Party of Iran

Ashura procession in Toronto 2018

Today marks the beginning of Ashura.  Yom Ashura or Ashura (Arabic: عاشوراء‎ ʻĀshūrā’) is the tenth day of Muharram in the Islamic calendar. For the majority of Shia Muslims, as well as some Sunni Muslims, Ashura marks the climax of the Remembrance of Muharram, and commemorates the death of Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, at the Battle of Karbala on 10 Muharram in the year 61 AH (in AHt: October 10, 680 CE) in the Islamic calender. This day of mourning is celebrated throughout the world.

Ashura is known for the self flagellation of individuals in mourning, many of who cut or bruise their bodies and smear blood on themselves and their children as a sign of their deep mourning, particularly in but not limited to Islamic countries. In the video at the end of this article which shows the march in Toronto today, one can see the marchers striking their chests in a type of self flagellation as they chant  ‘ لبيك يا حسين ‘ (Arabic) ‘we are at your service O Hussain’. (English translation)

Shi’ite Muslim community in Piraeus, Greece performing self flagellation during Ashura. Screen shot Youtube

This procession began on Doris Avenue and then north down Yonge Street for the commemoration of Ashura. This was mainly a procession of Iranian Shia Muslims.

There was also a counter protest against this march by the Toronto chapter of the Communist Party of Iran. This group is not only against the Islamist regime in Iran, but religion in general, calling it the ‘opium of the masses’.

As a result, there were clashes between the two groups, with many police in attendance.

A concerning observation is that neither of these groups are standing up for democracy. They are both totalitarian ideologies, and they use Western democracy to further their agendas.

Communist Party of Iran counter protesting Ashura procession in Toronto 2018


Controversial Muslim American activist to speak in Toronto

Screenshot 2018-09-19 18.35.38
Linda Sarsour, screen shot, youtube

On October 6/7 2018, Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA)  is sponsoring the annual “Carry the Light” convention to be held at The International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. This event is promoted by  link

This convention is titled “Canadian Muslims Sharing Islam, Serving Humanity”.

One of the guest speakers, among many, is Linda Sarsour.

Ms. Sarsour (born 1980) is a controversial American political activist and former executive director of the Arab American Association of New York. Beginning with advocacy on behalf of American Muslims, she has extended her activism to other civil rights issues such as Black Lives Matter, immigration policy, and mass incarceration. She has been a supporter of the progressive movement and the Democratic Party.

Ms Sarsour has come under fire for her antisemitic rhetoric. She has consistently downplayed terrorism plots, attacked counter-terrorism measures and the use of informants.  She has asserted conspiracy theories and claimed the U.S. is facilitating war on Islam and Muslims.  She is a staunch defender of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, and a proponent for the Palestinian cause.  link


Prime Minister Trudeau’s reaction to the death of Marrisa Shen

Justin Trudeau. Photo: Screenshot from video Maclean’s – CPAC

In an interview with Paul Wells of MacLean’s Magazine, Justin Trudeau articulates his thoughts on the killing of 13-year-old Marrisa Shen, whose body was found in July of 2017 in Burnaby’s Central Park in British Columbia. The perpetrator, Ibrahim Ali, 28, arrived in Canada as a refugee and has lived in Burnaby for 17 months.

Following is the portion of the  interview:

“Paul Wells: I’m going to pass along a few questions that came from things readers. One is asking what you have to say about the the arrest in British Columbia of Ibrahim Ali who is a Syrian refugee following the murder of a teenage girl named Marrisa Shen?

Justin Trudeau: Obviously it’s a devastating news for her family, for her friends. It’s a terrible tragedy any time one is murdered it’s a, it’s a terrible thing. I trust our justice system. I trust our system to to go through its processes to both, apply consequences to this and to make sure that we’re, we’re thinking about how we continue to keep people safe.

Paul Wells: A lot of people say that, some people say that if it hadn’t been for the surge in Syrian refugees after the 2015 election, guys like this guy would not be here.

Justin Trudeau: I’m not one of those people who say that.”


Credit: American Center for Democracy