Kuwaiti Lawyer Offers 10 Million Dollars For The Death Of Canadian Egyptian Coptic Christian Asylum Seeker

New threats have been received in the case of Hani Morris, an Egyptian Coptic Christian who received asylum in Canada. This last set of threats included an offer of money for his demise. These threats also extended to Mr Morris’ friends and acquaintances. A message was sent to Prime Minister Trudeau requesting Mr Morris’ deportation, as well as a warning to the Canadian Police. See our original reports herehere and here.


Mr Sami Thabet, an Egyptian lawyer & Islamist who works for the Kuwaiti Almulla auto company wrote here to ex member Parliament of Kuwait who witnessed that Mr Hani Morris was persecuted by Kuwaiti authorities. This is a translation of the above tweet : You Shia traitor, you help a Christian against your own country, soon we will take the Kuwaict itizenship from you and you will back in Iran , you infidel must witness with Muslims, not with Christian infidels.


Mr Thabet wrote this to a Kuwaiti refugee in Canada who is a friend with Hani : You dog who defends Christian,  you womanizer, we know where you live and your friend Hani, if he is a real man let him go to the church.


Mr Thabet wrote to a Kuwaiti lawyer who helped Hani Morris in his case : You defend an infidel Christian against your own country Kuwait, soon we will take your Kuwaiti citizenship and you know that the Kuwaiti Government and The ministry of foreign affairs of Kuwait will help us to kill him and you will die too, god bless Islam.



Mr Thabet wrote to a popular Israeli Jewish journalist: You filthy Jewish dog who defends a Christian dog soon he will die in his home in Canada, tell him to give up the case before 2020.


Mr Thabet wrote to Rami Dabbas : You dog who writes articles about Hani Morris the infidel , tell him to give up the case otherwise he will die.

Mr Thabet wrote to Justin Trudeau: Mr.trudeau we know you are a Muslim, please deport Hani Morris who is a Christian and suing us otherwise you will not win the 2019 elections and this is the number of the Christian dog. Mr Thabet provided Mr Morris’ telephone number.


Mr Thabet wrote to police : This is a warning to the Canadian police , Hani Morris must give up his case or he will be killed in his home, we know everything about him. Mr Thabet provided Mr Morris’ telephone number.


Mr Thabet wrote  on his Twitter page the following statement, after which he shut it down after Hani Morris told the police and the intelligence agency in Canada : Kuwait pays 10 millions dollar to anyone who kills Hani and we will not pay any penny to a Christian infidel, he must give up the case against Kuwait before 2020, and he lives in Mississauga. Who insults Islam, there is a reward for those who kill him.

NCCM Once Again Calling for Resignation of Conservative Candidate


Today, the National Council of Canadian Muslims once again are calling for the dropping of Conservative candidate Ghada Melek.  Below is their statement on a facebook post:

“We appreciate that all people can change. But when candidates express hateful views, apologies have to be directed towards the communities affected, not towards political parties.

That’s why we are continuing to call for Ghada Melek’s resignation.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer stated that if a Conservative candidate has made racist or homophobic comments in the past, he will stand by the candidate as long as they apologize and take responsibility for those comments.

But Ghada Melek’s apology doesn’t take responsibility.

“As a Coptic Christian, I know what my family and friends often endured under Morsi and the Brotherhood, and that passion may have got the best of me at times,” she said in a statement. “While these are almost entirely retweets from more than half a decade ago, I do understand how some of them may be offensive, and I do regret that as well as retweeting them…”

While we of course decry any oppression of the Coptic community in Egypt, no candidate for elected government in Canada should promote utter nonsense against the Muslim community on that basis (like when she blamed “Islamists” for the economic crisis in Detroit)

We would be happy to accept Ghada Melek’s apology when it a) clearly denounces anti-Muslim bigotry and Islamophobia and b) commits to meeting folks from diverse backgrounds to learn more.

An apology where Melek states that some of her retweets “may have been offensive” isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

We aren’t asking for much. Asking that a person who is apologizing understands the harm caused, and commits to learning more, should be obvious.

If Ghada Melek can’t commit to doing better, she has no place in standing to be a candidate.

When you share the hateful views of the Clarion Project (which was named by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate organization) it’s time to demonstrate that you’re willing to grow as a person.

Without a real apology, despite giving Ghada Melek numerous opportunities to engage in such a process, we have no choice but to continue to call on Andrew Scheer, alongside other folks in the Muslim Council of Peel and Imam Ibrahim Hindy, to drop Ghada as a candidate.”

On August 4, Circanda posted a story of the initial concerns of NCCM. We countered that with concerns of our own. Our concerns still stand.

NCCM has had ties with CAIR, an American human rights group whose founder Nihad Awad has voiced support for the terror group Hamas.

“Awad publicly declared “I am in support of the Hamas movement,” during a March 1994 symposium at Barry University”

Although they changed their name from CAIR Canada to NCCM in 2013, no apology was forthcoming for CAIR founder’s  support for Hamas, there was no removing themselves from any association with the parent group.

“We remain the same organization our constituents and partners have come to rely on to represent a broad and diverse spectrum of Canadian Muslims.”

Will President Trump Address Human Rights Violations During Amir’s Visit?

His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, accompanied by Vice President of the Kuwait National Guard Sheikh Meshaal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, headed  to the United States for a private visit. His Highness the Amir will visit Washington DC for official talks with US President Donald Trump on September 12th.

Circanada has done a series of articles on  Egyptian Coptic Christian Hani Morris who has been under constant threat from Kuwaiti nationals since receiving asylum in Canada. You can read the stories here, here and here.

According to an Amnesty International report, “The authorities continued to unduly restrict the rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, including by prosecuting and imprisoning government critics under criminal defamation laws.”

The government terminated the employment contracts of over 3,000 foreign employees in the public sector under a nationalization policy.

Mr Morris is a prime example of human rights violations in Kuwait. The following court documents show this disregard for his rights.


This document from the Kuwaiti court of justice shows the insults to Mr Morris for being Christian by Al Mulla motors. The courts did nothing.




These letters of complaint were sent by the Coptic Association in USA  to the Kuwaiti ambassador in USA because Hani Morris was fired from his job as he refused to falsely  testify against a Client.


This photo of a document shows the discrimination against Hani Morris for being an Egyptian and a Christian.


This is a letter from the Egyptian Association in Australia to Kuwaiti ambassador in Australia, a complaint about the way Hani Morris and his case was handled in Kuwait .

The United States government should be aware of the human rights violations against Mr Morris by Kuwait, as their ambassador was contacted. Will President Trump address Kuwait’s dismal human rights record in the upcoming visit with  His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on September 12?


Egyptian Coptic Christian Asylum Seeker Continues to Receive Death Threats in Canada

In May and July of this year, we posted a story about Coptic Christian Hani Morris who has been continually harassed and threatened since seeking asylum in Canada. You can read the stories here and here.
He continues to receive threats on a regular basis. The screen shot below was sent early August prior to Eid,  the second and third shots were sent as late as yesterday. Below each screenshot is a rough translation of the text.
hani 4
In the above message: we will kill you and make your filthy Christian blood be on streets
you are lucky because we did not kill you until now
You have to drop your case against kuwait or we will kill you
You are lucky because we did not kill you last time when you was in hospital
we will use a bomb and kill you
And kill  those who are with you  we will bomb all the building where you live
He insisted that Hani Morris is a filthy Christian
That’s a brief summary of the first threat.
The second threat said :
You are son of a bitch a Christian
You are supported by musa’ab a filthy refugee in Canada who escaped Kuwait too
Fuck you and fuck all Canada
We are watching also your wife and daughter where they go to the church
Do you want to see your picture with your wife ?
Very soon in the beginning of the new year you will be dead
I will send you your photos from inside the church, home and balcony
And if we want to enter your home then we will do
This is a screen shot of the lawyer that works for Al Mulla Motors in Kuwait. He and 32 other lawyers who work for the company continue to harass Mr. Morris with insults and threats.
According to Mr Morris, individuals hired by the Kuwaiti embassy in Ottawa are being paid to watch him and his family. This is being financed by the Kuwaiti government.  “The owner of al Mulla Group, his relatives are very close to The royal court of Kuwait, leader of Parliament in Kuwait” said Mr Morris.
No main stream news source has covered this story.
The Canadian Government and RCMP are aware of this case.

NCCM Calling for Resignation of CPC Candidate for her Reparative Therapy Viewpoint.


Interesting, this.

NCCM is calling for the resignation of CPC candidate GHADA MELEK in light of her ‘homophobic’ viewpoint where she appeared to endorse in the past reparative therapy for those in the LGBTQ lifestyle.

She is also under fire for ‘Islamophobic’ comments as well.

Ms Melek is a Coptic Christian, well acquainted with religious persecution at the hands of Islamists. NCCM (National Council of Canadian Muslims)  seems to have her in their sights for bringing her down under the guise of standing up for human rights.



(Toronto – August 2, 2019) The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) is calling for the resignation of federal Conservative candidate (Mississauga-Streetsville) Ghada Melek in light of recent revelations where Melek appeared to endorse reparative therapy for gay people in the past.

“While we have engaged Melek’s office in conversation around her past reported Islamophobic tweets, retweets, and statements, the most recent revelations have forced us to ask whether Melek is qualified to serve as a federal candidate,” says Nadia Hasan, NCCM’s Acting Executive Director. “Simply put, federal candidates have a responsibility to serve everyone, regardless of their faith or sexual orientation. Given her past statements, Ms. Melek should do the right thing and resign as a candidate for the Conservative party.”

As the NCCM recognizes that Andrew Scheer, leader of the Conservative Party, has explicitly stated that there is no room for discriminatory conduct in the party, and that the vast majority of Conservative Party members reject the aforementioned views, the time has come for Melek to resign.

The NCCM is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit organization that is a leading voice for civic engagement and the promotion of human rights.”

A reminder: Quran (7:80-84) – “…For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds…. And we rained down on them a shower (of brimstone)” – An account that is borrowed from the Biblical story of Sodom. Muslim scholars through the centuries have interpreted the “rain of stones” on the town as meaning that homosexuals should be stoned, since no other reason is given for the people’s destruction.

One would think that NCCM would support Ms Melek’s views in view of Quranic scripture.


Kuwaiti Gangs Threaten Coptic Refugee With Death…..in Canada.

In May 2019, we published a story about Egyptian Coptic Christian Hani Morris who has been given asylum in Canada because of persecution at his workplace in Kuwait. More information has been revealed concerning this case.

In late April, Canadian police surrounded the home of Coptic refugee Hani Morris in Mississauga for several hours after he was threatened with death and the burning of his house. Police scoured the vicinity as well, searching for anyone who might be hiding. These threats came from Kuwaitis who claimed to have ties to the Kuwaiti embassy in Ottawa.



According to Mr Morris, “The Kuwaiti lawyer Thabet Hamdan Yusuf who works for the Kuwaiti car company from where I was fired is originally an Egyptian with possible Brotherhood ties. He tried to call me here in Canada. I refused to answer, he has insulted me for being Christian and insulted my family. He said he got mobile numbers of my wife and daughter from the Kuwaiti embassy in Ottawa, and he threatened me with death, even  by bombing us and also said the police will not protect us.”

Below are screen shots of these text messages.



Below is translation of one of the messages:

“Hello, answer you dog fag why you are afraid, you Christian, the underwear is beautiful on the balcony, she went to the church with new t-shirt and Yesterday she feared to go to doctor and you are going to meet the lawyer, and you have to know that in Saturday you were in bank to buy new phone and here is the number, all these information by Kuwaiti embassy and now take number of  ( Hani’s Daughter)”

Despite the knowledge of the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry about the threats to kill Hani Morris and his family in Canada, they gave him the ‘option’ by the end of July  to give up his case against Kuwait and if he refuses, they threatened him with death. Canadian police are aware of this. Has the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry colluded with the corrupt car company in Kuwait where Mr Morris worked?  The Ministry of Justice and Interior in Kuwait did not move to solve this case where rich and corrupt people from Kuwait could threaten to kill a whole Christian family in Canada.

In April of this year, Mr Morris contacted MP Omar Alghabra for help in this case. Yesterday, July 15, 2019,  Mr Alghabra sent a text message to Mr Morris’ lawyer, stating:

Screen shot of message from MP Alghabra


Mr Morris continues to wait for action on this case. The police have given him ‘tips’ on how to keep safe in the meantime.

This story has been reported in the Canadian Arabic Newspaper Al-Ahram .

Hani Morris’ story case in western media :

Qatar and Terrorism

by: Rami Dabbas


Reasons for Qatar’s support for terrorism were limited to finding a foothold in some Arab and regional countries due to the small and weak state of Qatar and the lack of any political or military weight in the Middle East. Qatar has supported terrorism in IraqSyriaYemenLibyaTunisia and Egypt, and has recorded record numbers in support and funding of extremist groups and terrorist activities in Europe and the west. Indeed, Qatar succeeded in penetrating some countries by spreading terrorism, destabilization of security and the formation of armed terrorist groups like Al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq   They purchase political power and influence, furthering the Qatari dream to give the illusion of being a regional power.

The main supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was Qatar. The resounding fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the insistence of the Egyptian people to get rid of this organization has had a great impact on the psyche of Qatari Regime. This, in turn had a very negative effect on Qatar’s policies towards Egypt and the rest Arab countries which rejected the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorism and who also worked to eradicate it from that region and the world.  Qatar’s support for terrorism became a political ideology that seeped  into  Qatari military, security, diplomatic and even charitable institutions. This has led to the increase in the spread of terrorism in the region in an unprecedented manner, accompanied by the emergence of many terrorist groups under the support of Qatar via funds and weapons. This has prompted the Arab countries to boycott Qatar in order to stop it’s terrorist activities that violated the security and stability of the region.  Qatar funded  Muslim Brotherhood Activities in Europe and promoted Europe’s Islamization in their alliance with Turkey. The announcement of Qatar’s solidarity with Iran and its coordination with the Revolutionary Guards which is designated as terrorist organization by the United States, the Quds Force and the Iranian intelligence  worked to undermine security and stability against the Arab countries in particular and worldwide in general. The siege of Qatar’s activities in support of terrorism in the Gulf region and worldwide continues. They support the activities of notorious anti West activists Linda Sarsour and Ilhan Omar  for example and in an attempt to exploit poor youth, they recruit them for  terrorist organizations like the Houthis in Yemen, Hezbollah and Iraqi sectarian Terrorist militias and remnants of Isis, in order to destabilize national security, especially in Egyptian and Saudi Arabia in retaliation for isolating Qatar and it’s ally. the Muslim Brotherhood.  Qatar has hampered  progress and development in the Arab anti Muslim Brotherhood countries by targeting security and stability, striking at their relations with the world and trying to target their interests and investments. This has become one of the main reasons for Qatar’s support for terrorism.

Qatar has become an ally to Iran and it’s proxies including Erdogan’s Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood. Qatar has become a tool of Iranian terrorism and Turkish interventions and a financial tool for Turkey’s proxies in Europe. Because of it’s alliance with Iran and Turkey, it has now become a  dangerous  security risk for Arabic countries and the world in general.
Why is Qatar  important to the United States? Simply because of  Al Udeid Air Base which is one of the most important US bases in the world. It is used by other US allies for military operations like the United kingdom and Australia during the gulf wars and operations in Syria.  Qatar is a tiny, rich state which pays for US lobbyists and US politicians to influence Some of US policies. for example : ”Qatar has spent $16.3 million lobbying the U.S. in 2017, compared to $4.2 million in 2016, in an attempt to lobby about 250 people who can influence President Trump’s foreign policy”.

Qatar. Small, but dangerous.